National University of Lesotho Staff Sports Association (NULSSA) annually participates in Southern African Universities Staff Sports Association (SAUSSA). SAUSSA was formed in 1999 with the vision to be a unified organization which promotes social cohesion, sports and recreation. Hosting of these SAUSSA games rotates yearly from university to university. For instance, 2016 SAUSSA games were hosted in Swaziland, at the University of Swaziland (UNISWA). This year (2017), University Fort Hare, in Alice, Eastern Cape, South Africa would be a host. It is a full responsibility of staff to financially cater for themselves, these include food, attire, transport and accommodation. It is at this juncture that local companies and individuals would be sponsoring the University with attire for NULSSA members.


EZ Build, a new baby in the hardware business operating in Maseru, Borokhoaneng since 2016 has extended a giving and helping hand to the NULSSA members by sponsoring with Golf shirts. These golf shirts costed EZ Build an immense amount of money amounting to M17,400.00. Mr. Motloli Mothepu, Assistant General Manager at EZ Build indicated that they have a very good trade relationship with the National University of Lesotho that is why they decided to sponsor the University. “Since EZ is new in the market, we believe by sponsoring the University we will get a good mileage in terms of marketing ourselves. Therefore, this (sponsorship) is a mutual benefit”, Mr. Mothepu specified.


When extending his gratefulness, National University of Lesotho’s Vice Chancellor Professor Nqosa Mahao indicated that it is not all companies that the university buys from that respond in this kind of manner. He also showed that on behalf of the university, he really appreciates what EZ Build has done for NULSSA. “Inferiority complex plays a crucial role in demotivating people and it was because of EZ Build that our staff will not be demoralized. Our team will be looking good in the SAUSSA games in courtesy of EZ Build”, Prof Mahao said. He concluded by unreservedly thanking EZ Build and appealed that the relationship between NUL and EZ Build grow. When supporting the psychology behind 'LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD, PLAY GOOD' PHILOSOPHY, Jonathan Jenkins who is a psychologist at Massachusetts General Hospital clinical one day indicated that when one looks good, their performance might actually get a boost. It is therefore shows that since EZ Build has sponsored NUL staff with incredibly nice-looking golf shirts, they will be looking good and they will bring victory home.


victory home. In conclusion of the sponsorship’s hand over, Mr. Moeketsi Ntakatsane who is the President of NULSSA and also the Secretary General of the mother body, SAUSSA indicated that this sponsorship is a great relieve on their (NULSSA members) cost of the trip. “We pay for everything from our own pocket and this sponsorship really helped us so much because cost of the trip has been reduced.” He added that as member of NULSSA, they were supposed to go buy shirts for the opening ceremony but now that EZ Build helped, all is under control well in advance.