His Majesty the King and the Chancellor of the National University of Lesotho awarded over 2,235 students with degrees and diplomas. Graduates who were attired in black caps and gowns gathered at the Machabeng sports field to celebrate the 42nd Graduation ceremony. Smiles were shining on the graduates’ faces as they reaped the reward of years of hard work and study. When addressing the graduands, His Majesty the King sincerely congratulated all the graduands who have completed their studies. He further extended the same words of congratulations and gratitude to parents and guardians who have supported them throughout the long and difficult period of their studies. “I must also take this opportunity to thank the academic and non-academic staff who have spent many hours guiding these people towards their academic destination”, His Majesty the King said.


The Vice-Chancellor of the National University of Lesotho Professor Nqosa Mahao was also called upon to address the convocation and took the advantage of guests gathered in numbers to tabulate numerous innovative products that are being churned by staff and students in different faculties. Prof Mahao invited His Majesty’s government, the business community and general members of the public to a major Expo which will be hosted by NUL in January 2018. It is in this Expo where NUL will be showcasing between 200 and 300 products ready to be commercialized and make a positive impact on the national economy.


“The 42nd convocation will have witnessed 2,235 recipients of certificates, diplomas and degrees”, Prof Mahao stipulated. He further extended his special gratitude to Mr Lesole Kolobe, the only Doctoral candidate this year, 2017. “Attaining a qualification is always something special, but attaining a highest academic qualification there is, is far more special”, Prof Mahao said. Other speakers at the 42nd graduation ceremony were the Chairman of Council who officially welcome the convocation as well the representative of the graduands.


Since the 42nd graduation ceremony was splitted into to ceremonies, over 1,198 students were awarded their degrees and diplomas on the first ceremony, scheduled for the 7th October, 2017 from the faculties of Agriculture, Social Sciences, Science and Technology, Health Sciences and IEMS. On the second and last ceremony (14th October, 2017), over 1,037 students were graduating and awarded their degrees and diplomas from the Faculties of Law, Humanities and Education.


Amongst the students graduating on the 14th October, 2017 was Mr Lesole Kolobe who was awarded Doctor of Philosophy in Literature in is English.