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The Council




Chancellor and President                         His Majesty King Letsie III

Chairman of Council                                  Ambassador M. R. Likate


Ex-officio members

Vice Chancellor a.i.:                                     Professor M.M. Sejanamane

Pro-Vice Chancellor a.i.:                              Associate Professor F.L. Rakotsoane

Superior of Pius XII College House:            Dr L. M. Manyeli.

Administrator, Pius XII College House:       Rev. A.K. Makatjane


Five (5) persons appointed by the Head of State on the advice of Head of Government

Mr M. Khethisa

Mr S. Mafisa

Mr L. Pheko

Advocate M. Teele K.C.

Mrs K. Thabana


Four (4) members of the Senate, not being students appointed by the Senate

Associate Professor M.M. Moshoeshoe-Chadzingwa

Dr K.E. Mosito K. C.

Associate Professor T.H. Mothibe

Dr S.B. Tlali


Two (2) members of the congregation appointed by the Congregation

Mrs G. Mothibe

Dr M. Ramollo


President of the Students Union

Mr L. Thaela


One (1) person appointed by and from the non-academic staff

Mr M.W. Ntlama


One (1) person, who shall not be a member of staff of the University or a student, being a graduate of the University, appointed by the Alumni Association

Mr A. Makakane


Four (4) persons having special competence in University education elsewhere (outside Lesotho), appointed by the Chancellor on the advice of the Prime Minister

Professor A.S. Mlambo         

Professor G. Mohamedbhai

Professor S.M. Mutula



Four (4) persons appointed by the Chancellor to represent the wider community interest as shall be determined by the Chancellor

Mrs T. Kikine

Mr M. R. Likate

Dr M. Nyaphisi

Mr T. Tuoane


Appointed in terms of Section 23(2) of the Higher Education Act


Mrs Moliehi 'Mamoorosi Tsilo-Raditapole


Registrar and Secretary to Council

Ms A.M Mphuthing a.i