The National University of Lesotho (NUL) remains committed to producing well-rounded students with a knowledge-base that will enable them to think critically and independently on problems and issues that affect human world.


This was said by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Nqosa Mahao when welcoming more than 1620 new students to the University during Orientation Week, on 7th August, 2017.


“You made the right choice to come and further your studies here. In this country, we take pride of being the premier University of Lesotho. NUL will transform you into middle-class citizens with new values, outlook, economic opportunities and cultural amenities”, said the Vice Chancellor.


He advised the freshmen that their fate falls in their own hands adding that their parents sent them to this centre of excellence to learn and expect them to come back better people. He encouraged the students to work hard, persevere and come out as champions.


“We live in an information age and your survival depends on how you will use the knowledge, skills and competencies you will gain here so that you come out global citizens. You are here to navigate your lives through learning and your success lies in your own hands,” Prof. Mahao added.


Reverend Mabetha kick-started the orientation session with an opening prayer also reminding people to always look up to God as He is in charge of everything we do.


The Director of Students Affairs, Mr. Roland Mokoma, indicated that students from Lesotho, the SADC region and the whole world come to NUL to have their new and original thoughts and ideas developed.


“This is a great day when we have our first encounter with students, University Management, lecturers and other NUL supporting staff. I wish you a fruitful life and always remember that the DSA’s office is home away from home”.


Representing the Student Representative Council (SRC) President, Makhaola Thienyane, a Law student and a Member of the SRC, advised the new comers that they should be themselves, be as good as they could be and strive for excellence.


“Do not allow yourselves to be easily side-tracked and lose focus”, Makhaola advised.


In providing support to the University’s new students, NUL takes students through a week-long orientation session to accustom freshmen to University life. It is designed to provide students with tools needed for their social and academic integration to the University.