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Office of the Bursar

 Profile- Acting Bursar Mr. John Jane Sekoere


Mr. John Jane Sekoere was born as a second child in his family on the 18th November 1950 at Ha ‚Mamotho in the Makhalanyane area district of Maseru, Lesotho.  He is married and with three children, two girls and a boy.


Mr. Sekoere was first appointed to the University in 1973.   In 1997, he was appointed as the first Deputy Bursar of the University finance section; a position he holds up to date.  He has acted as University Bursar on numerous and for extended periods lasting over three (3) years in some instances.  He has again been appointed Acting Bursar since August 2013 to date.


He has travelled extensively to various universities on conferences and study tours in the SADC region, the UK, Canada and the East. 


He studied and obtained the following qualifications at the National University of Lesotho; Certificate in Business Studies, Diploma in Business Studies and a Bachelor of Commerce degree; B.Com. (Acctg.)  He enrolled with the Centre for Accounting Studies where he obtained a Licensed Accountant (LA) qualification.  Mr. Sekoere proceeded to the University of Botswana where he qualified with a Masters of Business Administration degree in 1997.  During his time of study in Botswana, he was appointed graduate assistant in the then School of Accounting and Management Studies assisting in Accounting.  Before his studies in Botswana, he taught in the Certificate and Diploma in Business Studies programmes of the National University of Lesotho.


Overview of Bursary

The Bursary is the custodian of the University funds.  The office deals with all financial matters for both staff and students.  The manner in which the office exercises the custodianship of funds is as contained in Part IV of the National University of Lesotho Order, 1992 (as amended).


The University financial year runs from the 1st July to the 30th June of the following year.  Council of the University each year adopts for the next following year commencing on the first day of July, a budget for all funds of the University, approves all amendments to the budget and controls the expenditure of the University so that it confirms as nearly as practicable to the approved budget.


The Auditor-General of the Government of the Kingdom of Lesotho is responsible for the audit of the accounts of the University.  Annual audits are normally conducted by a commissioned firm of Auditors on behalf of the office of the Auditor-General.  The University Council shall cause the accounts and the records of the financial transactions of the University to be audited each year in accordance with the Audit Act 1973.  Other issues relating to the audit of University accounts are contained under section 39 of the principal law.


The University uses of a system called Integrated Tertiary Software (ITS) for its accounting operations.  The system has been in use since 1999.


Staff and Services

The following are services offered by Bursary and responsible staff.



The Bursar is the head of the Bursary with overall responsibility for the office with all other units reporting directly to him and deals mostly with policy issues.  He/she is the secretary to committees like the Finance and General Purpose Board and the Tenders Board amongst others.  Currently the position of Bursar is vacant.


 Mr. John Jane Sekoere ‚ Deputy Bursar  

 B.Com, LA (L) MBA (UB)

Currently the position is held by Mr. John J. Sekoere who is also Acting Bursar in the absence of a substantive Bursar.


Other staff reporting to:

Mrs. Rethabile K. Manare (Projects) ‚ Senior Accountant

Mrs. Mateboho Motsoane-Mahlehla -  Senior Accountant

Mr. Bataung Makosholo- Clerical Assistant          

Mrs. ‚Mabatho Mpota ‚ Chief Personal Secretary

Mrs. Lebohang Julia Letsapo - Senior Finance Officer (Sefika Complex & budgets) B.A. Acc & Econ. (NUL), LA (L)

Mr. Mosa Masilo ‚ Senior Finance Officer (General Ledger & Finance Systems)

RA (L)

Mrs. Seipati Adoro ‚Senior Finance Officer (Treasury)

CA (L)


Other staff reporting to:

 Principal Accountant - Mr. Mohau Sekhiba - LA (L), Mgt. Studies (SA)

Principal Accountant ‚ Mrs. Matseliso Gugushe ‚ DBS (NUL), LA (L) Dip.Masscom (NUL)

Accountant ‚ Mr. Napo Sesiu


Mrs. Bernice Mampoi Setlolela-Koae- Senior Finance Officer (Procurement and Asset Management)

RA (L), Honors in Purchasing and Supply (CIPS, UK)


Other staff reporting to:

Mr. Joseph Ntlhoki ‚ Senior Accountant

Mr. Mohlokoane Sera ‚ Stores Clerk


Mrs. Lieketso Macheli Finance Officer (Student Accounts)


Other staff reporting to:

Ms. Nthabiseng Ntoane-Senior Accounts Clerk

Mr. Phillip Majara- Accounts Clerk


Mrs. Mamphale Lesofe ‚Finance Officer (Payroll)

 DBS, LA (L)  B.Com (NUL)

Mrs. Masekoala Rammoko - Assistant Finance Officer

B.Com (UFS)





Telephone:  +266 22340601

Direct:         +266 22340409

Fax:            +266 22340000

Cell:            +266 58858682

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