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Housing Unit



The Housing Unit is under the Office of the Registrar. Its role involves managing a the University’s housing and keeping in regular contact with tenants, looking after rental income, liaising with repair teams and dealing with neighbour nuisance issues. The Unit liaises with specific clients such as private and public organizations on accommodation and occupancy issues.


The services offered by the Unit include:


 Administering rents and their collection;


Interviewing tenants and giving advice on tenant-landlord relationships;

Inspecting properties;

Processing applications for housing improvements and repairs and communicating outcomes to tenants;

Administering repair and maintenance programmes where capacitated to;

Managing nuisance orders, collecting information and referring cases of burglary to security department;

Dealing with breaches of tenancy and leasehold agreements, which could culminate in carrying out evictions;

Dealing with abandoned tenancies, squatters and unauthorised occupiers;

Dealing with housing applications and the transfer of existing tenants;

Liaising with tenant groups, local authority, property professionals and other support and welfare departments such as the Works and Maintenance Department; Director of Human Resources on newly recruited staff for housing purposes and transfer matter;

Liaising with caretakers, cleaners and maintenance staff;

Encouraging and supporting tenants' and residents' groups and attending meetings as required.



Mr. Makhatseane Tesele - Principal Executive Officer



Tel:          +266 22340601

Direct:     +266 52213811


Fax:         +266 22340000