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Faculty Reguations - Science & Technology

FOST 1.00           



FOST 1.01          

These regulations should be read in conjunction with the general academic regulations of the National University of Lesotho hereinafter referred to as the General Academic Regulations.


FOST 1.02           

These regulations are in respect of programmes offered by the Faculty of Science and Technology hereafter referred to as the Faculty.  The appropriate degree will be awarded to a student upon the successful completion of study in an approved programme within the Faculty in accordance with these Regulations.


FOST 2.00           

Definition of Terms:


FOST 2.01           

Course:  It is defined as a separate teachable and examinable component in a programme in a department.  Certain courses may be designated as core courses, pre-requisites, compulsory, elective or optional courses.  Definition of a core course and a pre-requisite are provided for in the General Academic Regulations.


FOST 2.02           

Core Course:  It is a course which is considered to be essential for qualification in a particular programme, and it must be passed.  In addition, it shall have at least three (3) credit hours but not more than eight (8) credit hours.


FOST 2.03           

Pre-requisite Course:  It is a course in which a student must pass in order to register in a particular course.


FOST 2.04           

Compulsory Course:  It is a course that must be taken in a given year of study as part of a study programme.  It is considered to give a student the relevant knowledge in the field of training.


FOST 2.05           

Elective Course:  It is a course in which a student may take from a list of courses stipulated by department to fill the required minimum number of credit hours in the study programme.


FOST 2.06           

Optional Course:  It is a course in which a student may take to enhance his/her interdisciplinary knowledge.