As part of raising awareness about its programmes, the National University of Lesotho (NUL) will host the first NUL Open Day(s) on February 28 and March 01, 2017 at the Roma campus.

Form E students, teachers and the public at large have been invited to spend a whole day at NUL, attending presentations, talks, tours of the facilities and premises, talking to staff and students and getting answers to any questions which remain after examining prospectuses, websites and social media.

The main objective of the Open Day is to market NUL programmes and services to potential students so they can see how NUL programmes match their interests and thus, provide the best foundation for a rewarding career.

This will be a University-wide activity which involves the whole community: staff and students alike. Thus, undergraduate and postgraduate programme offerings, research undertakings as well as community engagement will be marketed.

NUL Vice Chancellor, Prof. Nqosa Mahao will specifically acknowledge and welcome the guests and set the mood of the event by outlining what to expect, as part of the opening session.

Attendees will find out what the NUL has to offer, attend presentations on courses, the application process, student support, finance, and careers. They will have the opportunity to talk to academic staff from the departments, and undergraduate students will also be on hand to talk to about student life at NUL.

The event will provide a memorable first-hand experience to potential students about what life as a NUL student is really like by exploring the facilities, touring the campus, asking questions about admissions, accommodation, student associations and job prospects.

It is expected that the Open Day session will reiterate NUL’s relevance to the development of Lesotho whilst NUL also gets feedback from the clientele about new programmes that can be introduced.

In the context of requirements by the Council on Higher Education (CHE), it is imperative that the public is aware of and knows about NUL programmes.