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The Department offers a number of services in an effort to ensure an enabling environment for students and to indeed be a home away from home as follows: 


Counseling Unit:

The unit provides assistance to students to deal with ongoing life challenges that are social, psychological or emotional through individual and/or group counseling interventions.


Health Services:

The department has a health centre that provides services geared towards preventive and curative treatment as well as health education and counseling. While the service is provided mainly for students and staff it is also extended to the members of the communities in the Roma Health Centre Catchment area. The centre works in close cooperation with St. Joseph’s Hospital (5km away) which serves as its referral hospital.


Welfare Services

The unit provides accommodation, welfare and care for students, conflict management and resolution among students, security and safety of students and their property and emotional support to students during bereavement. It further assists students with personal, social and academic matters. Welfare Officers and Wardens play a pivotal role in developing impact programmes and practices that enhance student successes during their academic and extracurricular activities.


Safety and Security:

Desk Officers are deployed to halls of residence to control access to rooms, and visitation. Private security personnel patrol the halls of residence area 24/7.


Sports and Recreation:

The department provides recreational services for students to afford them a fuller and active lifestyle that will promote healthy interaction among themselves as well as leadership skills and a sense of loyalty and fair play. The university has sporting facilities supporting all sport codes in which students are involved. Sporting facilities include play grounds, halls and courts. Sport codes include Soccer (male and female), Basketball, Volleyball, Netball, Table-Tennis, Lawn Tennis, ring tennis, Chess, Boxing, Marshall arts, Softball, Cricket, Dancing, and Athletics. Choral music, Cultural activities are part of the activities in which students are involved.