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Profile - Acting Director NUL CONSULS- Professor Tiisetso Makatjane


T. J. Makatjane born and raised at Nt…¡upe Ha Mohlapiso in the Qacha‚s Nek District joined the University in 1981 as an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Statistics. After the introduction of the Demography Programme the name of the Department changed to Department of Statistics and Demography.


Since joining the University, Makatjane was the first counterpart when Demography programme was introduced at the University. When the CTA left Makatjane was left with the responsibility of ensuring that Demography became a fully fleshed programme within the university.


Administratively, Makatjane has been Year 4 Tutor, Head of Department of Statistics, Demography, Dean of the Faculty of Social Science and Acting Pro-Vice-Chancellor and currently Acting Director NUL-CONSULS. Professionally, he is a member of the IUSSP, UAPS, PASA and OSSERA.


Consultancy work completed include delimitation of National Constituencies, Delimitation of Electoral Divisions for Local Government Elections, Training of Senior Personnel from different Ministries in Lesotho on data analysis using SPSS, SADC sponsored, development of the National Strategy for Development of Statistics and Evaluation of Community Health Workers Programme of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare


Publications include contraceptive use, fertility trends, health issues (health seeking behaviour, drug abuse etc.), HIV related issues, access to free primary education, violence against women, female headed households and labour migration and the demography of Lesotho.


Makatjane holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics from the National University of Lesotho, Graduate Diploma and MA in Population Studies from the Regional Institute for Population Studies at the University of Ghana. He was promoted to the rank of Lecturer in 1984, rank of Senior Lecturer in 1999, rank of Associate Professor 2003 and Full Professor in 2012.



The Bureau of Projects, Training and Consultancy (NUL-CONSULS) [formerly Consultancy Services Unit] of the National University of Lesotho was established in 1991 as a response to a need to translate theory into practice by engaging academic staff of the university in applied research and advisory and training activities that can produce tangible results.  The Bureau was specifically established with a view to:

(a)        Enhance the credibility of the University in the public;

(b)        Afford the staff members of the University and other experts the opportunity to advance their professional goals by bringing them into contact with practical problems which may be to the mutual advantage of staff, students and clients;

(c)        Stimulate research, strengthen teaching, encourage publications as well as assist the nation to solve their problems; and, in addition;

(d)       Generate additional funds for the University so that it can meet its physical and academic capabilities to serve the nation and the continent better.



NUL-CONSULS is mandated to draw expertise and work with staff from the various University units, it has extensive experience in the following areas:

Project Management Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation.

Policy Formulation and legal reform (Trade, Labour, Civil Service, Education, Health Social Welfare and economic);

Needs Assessment;


Workshops and Conferences facilitation;

Information Technology Service and Management Systems;

Human and Financial Resources Management, Auditing, Data Analysis and Processing.

Education, Health, Agriculture, Forestry and Environmental Management Services;

Participatory Socio-economic Research;

Community, Social Welfare and Local Government;

Documentation and Publication;

Legal and Language Translation.


NUL-CONSULS is pleased to intimate you with a series of activities (including consultancies, training, research, workshop and conference facilitation, etc.) which have been successfully undertaken.



Prof. Tiisetso Makatjane- Acting Director NUL CONSULS

BSc Maths & Statistics (NUL), Graduate Dip. + MA in Population Studies (University of Ghana)

Ms. Maabiel Maliehe ‚ Senior Personal Secretary

Dip. Secretarial Studies (KMT)



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