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Development Planning Office


The office reports to the Vice Chancellor and supports planning processes, policy analysis and development. The responsibilities of the Office are divided into two sections as follows:

Institutional and academic Research Section

The main responsibility of this section is to collect and analyse data on the University; provides interpretations of academic and administrative data to Management to facilitate planning; coordinates strategic planning exercise and annual implementation plans.

Physical Planning Section

This section coordinates the development of the University‚s Master Plan in line with projected future needs of the University. It oversees facilities development from initial architect‚s concepts to completion of a new building.


Director Development Planning - Vacant

Mrs. Palesa Peko- Senior Statistician

Cert. Stats (NUL) B.A Stats and Econ (NUL)  PG Dip. Stats, Econ, & National Accounts (East Anglia) M.A Educ. Planning and Econ.of Education (University of London)

Physical Planner: Vacant