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The Faculty of Social Sciences offers four-year degree program as well as a two-year program of Certificate in Statistics. Certificate and diploma programmes in Business Administration are also offered in conjunction with the Institute of Extra Mural Studies (IEMS).


At the completion of their programmes degree students in the Faculty of Social Sciences obtain either a Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A.) or a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm).


The Faculty offers three types of degree programmes-Single major degree Programmes, Double Major and Major/Minor Degree programmes


Degree Programmes are offered in the following subjects:






Urban and Regional Planning

Public Administration

Political Science




Human Resources Management


Social Work


Full details of all subjects and courses taken by a student and the letter grades obtained will appear on each student's transcript.

FSS 1.0            Preamble

The following Special Regulations shall apply to degree and Certificate programmes subject to the General Academic Regulations of the University.

FSS 2.0            Entry Requirements

Admissions to all Degree Programmes of the Faculty are governed by General Regulations AR2.05 and AR 2.06.

FSS 3.0            Degree Programme



The degree shall normally consist of a four year programme drawn from the following subjects:





Political Science

Public Administration

Social Anthropology

Sociology/Social Work



FSS 3.1            A subject may include courses consisting of field work, project work, seminars or internships. In addition to work during the semester, a subject may include prescribed fieldwork or assignments during University vacations.

FSS 3.2.           Except where specified otherwise in Departmental Regulations all courses offered within the Faculty are taught over a period of two semesters (i.e. one academic year), and entail a three hour lecturer/student contact per week.

FSS 4.0            Degree Structure

Year I shall consist of Compulsory and optional subjects.

FSS 4.1            Compulsory Subjects

[a]  English       ELG1014-4A


[b]  Mathematics        M1330-3A/B








[c]        Computer Science        CS1301-3

[d]        Statistics           ST1381-3A/B





[e]        Plus optional courses as spelled out in FSS 4.2 for relevant majors


FSS 4.2            Optional courses  

[a]        Business Administration-MGM162 AND ACC161

[b]        Economics- EC1501 AND EC1502 OR EC1711 and EC1722

[c]        Human Geography-HG131

[d]        Political Science/Public Administration-PAS1601 and PAS1602

[e]        Sociology and Social Anthropology-SOC100 and ANT 100.

[f]        Social work-SW101, SW102, ANT 100 and SOC100


Year II

FSS 4.3            Year II shall consist of at least two subjects passed in year I.



FSS 4.4            Student shall take a double major programme or, with the approval of the department concerned, a single major programme or a major/minor programme.

FSS 4.5            Unless otherwise stated in departmental regulations a single major programme shall consist of 18 credit hours or equivalent per week.

FSS 4.6            In a double major programme a student shall be required to take two subjects each consisting of a minimum of nine credit hours or equivalent per week.

FSS 4.7            In a major/minor programme a student shall be required to take a minimum of 14 credit hours per week per semester in year 3 and 4 in the major subject. The department will, from time to time determine the minimum for the minor subject.


FSS 5.00          Assessment

FSS 5.10          Continuous assessment shall comprise a minimum of two pieces of work (assignments, tests, or any other form of assigned work) per course per semester. The ratio of continuous assessment to formal examinations shall be 1:2.

FSS 5.11          A student in years 2,3 and 4 shall submit continuous assessment work to the Head of the Department concerned during the examination period for scrutiny by the External Examiner.

FSS 5.12          A student who fails to complete a research programme by the last day of formal lectures may be awarded an "I" for incomplete and, with the approval of the Head of the Department concerned and the Dean of the Faculty, be allowed until the first day of the supplementary examinations to complete the outstanding work. If the work is not completed within this extended period the student shall be awarded an "F" grade.

FSS 5.13          Departments will from time to time prescribe the format of submission of research projects.


FSS 6.00          Supplementary Examinations

FSS 6.10          Subject to the provisions of General Regulations, a student shall be allowed to supplement a maximum of 15 credit hours in which grade E has been obtained and has obtained an overall average of at least 48% for all specified courses taken in a given year.

FSS 6.11          The maximum final mark a student can achieve in a supplementary examination is 59%



FSS 7.00          Proceed

FSS 7.10          To proceed to year 2, a student must:-

FSS 7.10.1       Pass all compulsory courses and at least two optional courses.

FSS 7.10.2       Achieve a weighted average of 50 per cent in 36 credit hours.

FSS 7.10.3       Satisfy other requirements as spelled out in Departmental Regulations.

FSS 7.10.4       A student shall be allowed to carry forward failed courses provided that such courses are not pre-requisites and that the total number of credit hours for the second year (i.e. for failed courses plus year two courses) does not exceed 48.

FSS 7.11          To proceed from year 2 to year 3 and from year 3 to year 4, a student must:-

FSS 7.11.1       Achieve an overall weighted mean of at least 50 per cent in 36 credit hours.

FSS 7.11.2       Pass all Pre-requisite courses.

FSS 7.11.4       A student shall be allowed to carry forward failed courses provided that such courses are not pre-requisites and that their inclusion does not increase the next year’s load beyond acceptable limits of 48 credit hours.


FSS 8.00          Fail And Repeat The Year

FSS 8.10          In order to be allowed to repeat a year, a student must have passed at least 15 credit hours and obtained a weighted average of at least 40 per cent in 36 credit hours taken in that year.

FSS 8.11          Repeat Year

A student will normally be required to repeat the year if he/she:

FSS 8.11.1       Obtains an OWM of at least 50 percent but fails a maximum of 15 credit hours

FSS 8.11.2       Fails a course which is a pre-requisite of a subsequent course.


FSS 8.12          Repeat course

In order to be allowed to repeat courses, a student must:-

FSS 8.12.1       Have obtained an overall weighted mean of at least 50 percent.

FSS 8.12.2       Have failed not more than 15 credit hours.

FSS 8.12.3       Have failed a pre-requisite of a subsequent course, or its inclusion increases the next year’s load beyond acceptable limits of 48 credit hours.


FSS 9.00          Discontinue From Programme

FSS 9.10          A student who fails to pass a minimum of two courses and/or fails to obtain a weighted overall average of 40 per cent (E), in any year, shall fail and be discontinued from the programme concerned.


FSS 10.00        Discontinue From the University

Fail and discontinued from the university will be recommended if a student fails a repeated year OR if the OWM is less than 30 percent   .

FSS 10.11        However, a fourth year student who has failed a repeated year shall be allowed to repeat provided the OWM is at least 40% and provided the student is within the seven year period of completing a degree.


FSS 11.00        Award of Degree

FSS 11.11        To be awarded a Degree, a student must pass every course in year 2, 3 and 4, taken into account in the calculation of the overall weighted mean (OWM), taking into account continuous assessment and formal examinations.

FSS 11.12        The final mark of the B.A. degree shall be an overall weighted mean of years 2, 3 and 4, calculated as a simple average of the OWM in years 2, 3 and 4.


FSS 11.13        The B.A. degree shall be classified in accordance with the provisions of the General Regulations.