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Department of Nutrition

Bsc Nutrition is a four year programme offered by Department of Nutrition in the Faculty of Health Sciences. It is the second youngest programme within the faculty which was formed in 2003 after the Ministry of Health realized that there is a need for a highly qualified cadre of nutritionist who will address a multisectoral range of nutrition problems in Lesotho. There are many nutritional problems that have bedeviled  the nation notable among them is the issue of chronic  malnutrition (stunting) which was rated at 40% in the year 2007. This is well above the limits delineated by the World Health Organization. Bsc Nutrition program is designed in such a way that it addresses the needs of Lesotho and indeed the Southern African Region.The programme is managed by a Head of Department (HOD).


The Vision and Mission of the Department is as follows:



To significantly facilitate advanced training in Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science and  to contribute significantly to improved health and the well being of  people in Lesotho and the Southern African Region; focusing on advance education in areas of the nutrition science, food science, clinical nutrition and community nutrition including innovative leadership in nutrition Research. 



To ensure that there is a caliber of highly trained nutritionists in Lesotho and in the region who will ensure that communities have optimum Health and Nutrition and who will ensure that innovative nutrition research is carried out for the benefit of the population


iii) Goals\objectives 

The goals of the nutrition programme are in line with goals of the Faculty of Health Sciences in the areas of Education, Research, and service to the community as specified in the faculty strategic plan.



The department seeks to:

Achieve high standards in education and training of individuals.

Provide quality education to individuals of whom knowledge of nutrition, food science and Dietetics will enhance their professions and contribution to society.



The department seeks to contribute to the development of human nutrition science, food science and technology, clinical nutrition, community nutrition and education by

   1. Planning and conducting research

   2. Participating in interdisciplinary research activities

   3. Providing consultation to the community and government

   4. Dissemination of relevant information through publications and presentations

Service to community


The department seeks to demonstrate leadership in:

1. Participation in professional groups and learned societies.

2. Collaboration with the Government, civil society and the community to enhance and improve the quality of life of Basotho. (evidence in appendix 2)


Values of the Nutrition Programme


The nutrition programme seeks to ensure

Professionalism and Honesty

Culture of learning

Teamwork , Health and well-being

Confidentiality and Accountability

Self respect and  respect of others



Head of Department:      MAMRA MAMOTEBANG NTSIKE : Community Nutritionist   



M.Sc. Community Nutrition, University Of Queensland  Australia

B.A. Sociology And English, National University Of Lesotho

Rank:   Lecturer, Head of Department         

Office location: Health Science Building Ground floor- 

SCH 0213

Contacts: Ext. 7127     Mobile: +266-63167837  

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     




I am a community nutritionist who have worked extensively over the years in ensuring that Micronutrient, (iodine deficiency disorders) situation in Lesotho is under control.  I have contributed immensely to the training of qualified B.Sc. Nutrition graduates.


Courses Taught

NUT 303 Community Nutrition, NUT 304 HIV And Nutrition, NUT 313 Nutrition Throughout Lifecycle, NUT 410 Food Security And Nutrition, Nut 409 Current Topics In Nutrition


Stunting In Lesotho and Its Causal Factors –Based on Thaba Tseka Districts

Continuation Of Iodization Of Salt In Lesotho


Other Staff Members


ROSE KOKUI DUFE TURKSON:  Dietician and    

Community Nutritionist     



M.Sc. in Dietetics, University of Ghana, Ghana       

B.Sc. in Community Nutrition, University for Development Studies, Tamale, Ghana.    

Rank:   Lecturer 

Office location: Health Science Building second floor- SCH 2202

Contacts: Ext. 7062     Mobile: +266-59501023  

Email:      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



I am a dynamic, very innovative and ambitious and hardworking Dietitian and Community Nutritionist who aims for the best in every endeavor. I have vast experience in Human Nutrition and Community Nutrition have worked as a Dietitian, District Nutrition Officer and an Instructor. As a scholar I have been involved in various research in the field of Nutrition and Health and have supervised a number of Nutrition Dissertations.


Courses Taught:

NUT 204- Basic Nutrition; NUT 300 -Ecology of Nutrition; NUT 302-  Medical Nutrition Therapy (Clinical Nutrition), NUT 311-Principles of Medical Endocrinology; NUT 407- Drug Nutrient Interaction; NUT 408 -Sports Nutrition;  NUT 409 -Current Issues in Nutrition and FHS 405 -Emergency Preparedness and Response


Research Interests:

Maternal and child Health

Non- communicable diseases and Nutrition

Elderly Health and Nutrition

HIV/AIDS and Nutrition

Developing food products for the vulnerable (e.g. Infants)



Publications and Presentations

Aryee, P. A., Dufe, R.K., (2004) “Investigating the factors that affect the nutrition of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Tamale Teaching Hospital”.   4th African Nutrition Epidemiology Conference, Accra,Ghana.


Turkson, RKD.,  Ayuik, S., Rafutho, AL. 2013. Effect of Diet and lifestyle on coronary Heart Disease Patients at Paki Health Center, Mazenod, Lesotho. Accepted for publication –Lesotho Medical Journal


Turkson, RKD. 2014 . The Oil foods: The role of Agriculture, Usage in diets, nutrition and health questions. Accepted for publication. -Support Africa International


Turkson, RKD. 2013.  Demispan may be a better indicator of nutritional status among the aged in the Greater Accra Region.


 Presented at International Union of Nutritional Sciences - 20th   International   Congress of Nutrition, Spain 

 Mr. Kebitsamang Joseph Mothibe: Food Scientist  




M.Sc. in Food Science, Jiangnan University, China          

B.Sc in Chemical Technology, National University of Lesotho    

Rank:   Lecturer 

Office location: Health Science Building ground floor-  SCH 0216

Contacts: Ext. 7158     Mobile: +266- 63080372 / 28340905

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


I am a zealous young Scientist who have a strong passion for food science development in Lesotho. I have worked hard and hard over ten publications to my credit and have supervised a number of Nutrition Dissertations.


Courses Taught:

NUT 206-Food Science and Technology,NUT 310-Food 

Chemistry and Analysis, EHS 302-Food Safety and

Technology and  NUT 404 -Food Product Development -    


Research Interests:

food preservation especially fruits and vegetables

development of new food products

utilization of wastes in food processing companies and food analysis


Publications and Presentations

Moeketsi P. Ntakatsane, Xiaoming Liu, Peng Zhou, Kebitsamang J. Mothibe, Gabriel O. Adegoke & William O. Odenya. 2014. Characterization of fatty acid profile by FFFS. Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization. DOI 10.1007/s11694-013-9158-z.


Kebitsamang Joseph Mothibe, Min Zhang, John Nsor-atindana and Yu-Chuan Wang (2011): Use of Ultrasound Pretreatment in Drying of Fruits: Drying Rates, Quality Attributes, and Shelf Life Extension, Drying Technology, 29:14, 1611-1621.


Kebitsamang Joseph Mothibe, Min Zhang, John Nsor-atindana, Camel Lagnika and Yu-Chuan Wang (2014): Assessment of Microwave Pulse Spouted Vacuum Dried Apple Cubes based on product Quality. African Journal of Science, Technology, Innovation and Development. (Accepted).



John Nsor-Atindana, Fang Zhong, Joseph Kebitsamang Mothibe. (2012). In Vitro Hypoglycemic and Cholesterol Lowering Effects of Dietary Fiber Prepared from Cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) shells. Food & Function. 3 (10), 1044-1050.


John Nsor-Atindana, Fang Zhong, Kebitsamang Joseph Mothibe, Mohamed Lamine Bangoura and Camel Lagnika. 2012. Quantification of Total Polyphenolic Content and Antimicrobial Activity Cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) Bean Shells. Pakistan Journal of Nutrition. 11 (7): 574-579.


Yu-chuan Wang, Min Zhang, Arun S. Mujumdar, Kebitsamang Joseph Mothibe. (2012). Experimental Investigation and Mechanism Analysis on Microwave Freeze Drying of Stem Lettuce Cubes in a Circular Conduit, Drying Technology, 30 (11-12), 1377-1386.


Yu-chuan Wang, Min Zhang, Mujumdar AS, Kebitsamang Joseph Mothibe, S.M Roknul Azam, Tazu. 2012. Effect of blanching on microwave freeze drying of stem lettuce cubes in a circular conduit drying chamber, Journal of Food Engineering, 113(2): 177–185.

Yu-chuan Wang, Min Zhang, Arun. S. Mujumdar & Kebitsamang Joseph Mothibe. 2013. Microwave-Assisted Pulse-Spouted Bed Freeze-Drying of Stem Lettuce Slices—Effect on Product Quality. Food and Bioprocess Technology: An International Journal, 6(12): 3530-3543.


Yu-chuan Wang , Min Zhang , Arun S. Mujumdar, Kebitsamang Joseph Mothibe & S. M. Roknul Azam (2013): Study of Drying Uniformity in Pulsed Spouted Microwave–Vacuum Drying of Stem Lettuce Slices with Regard to Product Quality, Drying Technology: An International Journal, 31:1, 91-101.


Gang-cheng Wu, Min Zhang, Ying-qiang Wanga, Kebitsamang Joseph Mothibe, Wei-xing Chen. (2012). Production of silver carp bone powder using superfine grinding technology: Suitable production parameters and its properties. Journal of Food Engineering, 109, 730–735.



Yingqiang Wang, Min Zhang, Arun S. Mujumdar and Kebitsamang Joseph Mothibe. (2013). Quality Changes of Dehydrated Restructured Fish Product from Silver Carp Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) as Affected by Drying Methods. Food and Bioprocess Technology, 6(7): 1664-1680.



Camel Lagnika, Min Zhang, Kebitsamang Joseph Mothibe. 2012. Effects of ultrasound and high pressure argon on physico-chemical properties of white mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus) during postharvest storage. Postharvest Biology and Technology 82 (2013) 87–94.