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Dean:                                               Dr. S.B. Tlali

Deputy Dean:                                  Assoc. Prof. M. Sekota


Heads of Departments:

Biology                                              Assoc. Prof. A. Asita

Chemistry and Chemical Technology       Dr. M. George

Geography and Environmental Science    Dr. M. Mphale

Mathematics and Computer Science        Dr. M. Molati

Physics and Electronics                        Dr. L.Z. Thamae


Faculty Tutors:  

1st Year               Mrs. M. Mpobole

2nd Year              Dr. K.E. Moru

3rd Year               Dr. M. Taele

4th Year               Mr. M. Phalatsi  


B.Eng.                           Dr. M. Makhele

PESP Coordinator:           Vacant


Senior Assistant Registrar:           Ms. L. Maama

Dean’s Personal Secretaries:          Vacant


Faculty Secretaries:                       

Ms. M. Thejane (for two depts.)

Mrs. M. Marite (for two depts.)

Mrs. M. Mapuru (for two depts.)



The Faculty of Science and Technology offers excellent opportunities to local and foreign students interested to build a career in any of the disciplines of Pure Sciences, Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology.  It has excellent teaching and research facilities and well-qualified staff.

Our vision is to be a leading faculty of the sciences, applied sciences and engineering in both teaching and research in order to provide innovative solutions to societal problems.

The mission of the Faculty is to utilize its share of resources for research, effective quality teaching in the major disciplines of the natural and applied sciences.  In pursuit of its mandate the faculty shall take due cognizance of the overarching University Mission to place science and technology as drivers for developmental processes for the nation.


The following five departments constitute the faculty:


Chemistry and Chemical Technology

Geography and Environmental Science

Mathematics and Computer Science

Physics and Electronics


In order to contribute to the growth and sustenance of Science and Technology, the faculty has a number of objectives with regard to the education of its students.

1.            Providing training in basic Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Physics) and also in Applied Sciences and Engineering (Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Chemical Technology, Electronics, Information Systems, Biotechnology, Environmental Science) for students interested in obtaining B.Sc. or B.Eng. degrees and employment in these fields.

2.            Providing education students with the background information needed to equip them to be competent teachers in two subject areas (B.Sc.Ed. degree).

3.            Providing the basis for the future advanced training in the basic sciences for career development in Architecture, Engineering, Geology, Medicine or Veterinary sciences.


Undergraduate programmes

The Faculty of Science and Technology offers two types of B.Sc. degrees to students undertaking these programmes.  These are the single major degrees (taken in a single subject) and the double major degrees with various combinations of Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, and Statistics.  The Faculty also offers Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Technology and Bachelor of Science degrees in the following areas of specialization.

B.Eng. in Computer Systems and Networks

B.Eng. in Electronics

B.Sc. in Chemical Technology

B.Sc. in Electronics

B.Sc. in Information Systems

B.Sc. in Computer Science

B.Sc. in Statistics

B.Sc. in Biotechnology

B.Sc. in Environmental Science

Postgraduate Diploma in Information Systems

Graduate programmes


The Faculty offers Honours degree programmes in Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics and Physics.  It also offers an MSc programme in Chemistry.