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Second Graduation Ceremony on 1 October 2016



  •    Faculty of Social Sciences [B.A. Social Sciences; B.A. Accounting; B.A. Management; B.A. Urban & Regional Planning; B.A Marketing; B.A Social Work]
  •     Faculty of Science & Technology [B.Sc. General; Computer Science; Environmental Sciences; Information Systems; Engineering in Computer Systems & Networks; Engineering in Electronics; Biotechnology; Chemical Technology; B.Sc. Statistics] 
  •     Faculty of Agriculture [B.Sc. Agriculture; Agricultural Economics; Agricultural Extension; Animal Science; Crop Science; Soil Science; Consumer Sciences]
  •    Faculty of Health Sciences [B.Sc. Environmental Health; Nursing & Midwifery; Nutrition; Pharmacy (Honours)]
  •    Institute of Extra Mural Studies [IEMS] [B.A. Business & Entrepreneurship]
  •     Certificates and Diplomas [Certificate in Statistics; Diploma in Business Management]
  •     Related Postgraduate programmes