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The Institute was originally founded for the purpose of carrying out the programme of Adult Education through economic co-operation for the adult population of Lesotho. To realise this objective a variety of programmes such as the Credit Union scheme for Agriculture, SODEPAX, Co-operative Development, public lectures, training  in public administration and courses for business people were undertaken. In carrying out these activities, various educational techniques were employed: personal contacts, villages study clubs, mass meeting, leadership courses, conferences, short courses, anniversaries, rallies, publications, radio programmes and development oriented newsletters.


The work of the Institutes has, over the years, been generously assisted by governments and international agencies such as Miserior, Canadian International Development Agency, Oxfam, Dulverton and Leverhulme Trust, Catholic Relief Services, USAID, UNDP, Kellogg Foundation, DVV, NOVIB, ILO and many other Partners in various ways.


 Mission Statement

The purpose of the Institute of Extra-Mural Studies is to bring the University to the people by using the facilities and resources of the University for the Education of the adult population and the youth of Lesotho and for their economic, social and cultural development. It endeavours to do this in consultation with the appropriate Government Ministries and Departments, agencies, parastatals,  academic faculties and private sector institutions. To this end, the Institute aims to encourage, assist and co-ordinate the efforts of the academic  departments in all forms of University Extension.


Vision Statement

IEMS shall be a dynamic institution for national development, which reaches out to all population groups and empowers them to improve themselves educationally through  short non credit courses and university level credit programmes.







H. Manthoto Lephoto ‚ Associate Professor

BA + CCE (NUL), MEd (Tennessee State), PhD (USC).


Associate  Professor  Lephoto  started her career as a lecturer in Finance and Materials Management in the then Lesotho Institute of Public Administration which is today LIPAM from 1978 to 1983.  She joined NUL in 1983 as a lecturer in the then Business Training Center of IEMS whose  main responsibility was to train business people. She has academically grown within IEMS moving from noncredit programmes of entrepreneurship to credit programmes of business studies and adult education. She has been a coordinator, a head of department, a deputy director. She is now serving a third term as director.


During her term, the Institute has grown in terms of enrolment, in terms of numbers and levels of programme offering. Today the Institute is transforming from a purely part time mode into an open and distance learning mode ‚ in order to respond to the current need to open more access to NUL programmes to more Basotho who are not able to attend full time. Prof. Lephoto is very passionate about the ODL delivery mode and sees it as a great opportunity to bring University education to the educationally disadvantaged nationals. 


Her other areas of interest include community development, gender, adult education and leadership.


Director: Assoc. Prof. H.M. Lephoto BA+ CCE (NUL) MEd (Tennessee State),  PhD (USC)

Deputy Director: Vacant

Senior Assistant Registrar: Mrs M. Makara  BA (NUL) P.G.C. Applied and Management (Potchefstroom)

Secretary: Mrs O.M.M. Diaho 

Finance Officer:Mr. P. Majara


Heads of Departments

Adult Education: Dr. V.M. Mohasi

Business and Management Development: Mr. R. Matooane

Non-Formal and Continuing Education: Mr. R. Makara

Research, Evaluation and Media: Mr T. Saka

 Institute Regulations:

The Institute is governed by the University General Regulations. Regulations pertaining to each programme are reflected under each department