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Printing and Stationery Unit

Printing and Stationery Superitendant Mr. Mohau Ntlama



The Printing and Stationery Unit as a Reprographic centre, it provides a quality instant digital printing and reprographic services to students and staff. The unit continually explores changes in print and copy technologies so that the equipment used is both functional and reliable. As an ancillary unit, it is flexible and responsive to the needs of Faculties, students, staff and external customers. It strives to provide services and products of high quality at affordable, cost-competitive prices, with a consistent focus on students and staff’s satisfaction. 


The NUL Printing Unit objective is to provide conveniently located, efficient, cost-effective, customer centred printing, design and finishing services to the University (including staff, students, researchers) and personal services. Its revenues and expenditures flow through the NUL Budget and it is expected to achieve or exceed the financial target in the University budget. It maintains a dual costing system that provides the University with the benefit of on-site printing and document services at a reduced rate.


The Printing & Stationery Unit is one of the integral and major ancillary Unit in supporting the National University of Lesotho to discharge its core business and functions effectively and efficiently which comprise teaching, learning and research. Our major customer base comprises of students, lecturers, Faculties, Academic Departments, Administrative departments and the Roma community at large. The Unit also services all four NUL satellite campuses namely IEMS in Maseru, Mohale’s hoek, Mahobong in Leribe and Thaba-Tseka. The Unit offers instant quality printing services at cost rate, making teaching, learning and research easier, accessible and affordable.





The Unit provides the following services:


Printing of hand-outs, course materials, course outline, articles, study packs, modules, manuals, assignments, documents-scanning and reprographic services are accessible, affordable, and cost effective at minimum cost price rate. The Unit also provides various print finish and binding to students ranging from saddle stitch, side stitch, perfect binding, spiral binding and thread binding, therefore this create a conducive and accessible  learning  environment for NUL students. The Unit also provide services to all NUL statutory bodies namely Council, Senate, ASAC, NASAC and all the Boards with stationery, reprographic and printing services. Procurement of Students and Staff IDs are also the responsibility of the Unit.

The Stationery Shop only services the University Administration and Academic Departments also all IEMS Satellite Campuses. For students and the general public they must use Book-Shop for stationery needs. Plans are at an advanced stage to standardize and brand the University stationery. NUL need to promote and brand its image through custom and corporate stationery.

The Printing and Stationery Unit therefore provides a variety of print and document-related services as part of its support to the University community. These services are grouped into four major categories namely Printing, Copying and reprographic services, Bindery services and document design & layout/desktop publishing.



Mr.  Mohau Ntlama - Printing and Stationery Superintendent

TT3, (South African Printing College), Advanced Course in Multimedia and

Web Design Technology (Chandigarh, India)

Ms. Mpule Mohasoa- Assistant Printing Officer                                

Mrs. ‘Mamonyane Mosuhli- Assistant Executive Officer               

Mr. Mokhethea Marabe- Senior Printing Assistant          

Mrs ‘Malibale Khoete-Senior Printing Assistant                                 

Mrs. Puleng Morallana -Senior Printing Assistant                                              

Mr. Mojela  Maama- Printing Assistant                                 

Mrs. Mamochekoane Ramashamole- Printing Assistant/Stores                                 



Tel:         +266 22340601

Direct:     +266 5221 3831

Fax:        +266 22340000

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