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Office of the Pro-Vice Chancellor

Professor Mafa Mosothoane Sejanamane was born in Malibamats’o Leribe on 19th December 1951. He began his primary and secondary school education in the same district until he joined the National University of Lesotho in 1973-1977, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) in Government and Law. In 1979 he obtained a Master of Arts degree (MA) in political science with an international relations focus from the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. He went on to register for doctoral studies in political science where he graduated in 1987 having acquired his Doctor of Philosophy Degree (PhD) from Dalhousie University in Canada.


Prof. Sejanamane has extensive management experience of over thirty years in academic and professional organisations. Having started his career in the public service, Professor Sejanamane soon went into academia where he rose in the ranks until he became a full professor in 1995. Before then he had become a Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the National University of Lesotho; a Director of the Institute of Southern African Studies; and had been a member of the National University of Lesotho Council on numerous occasions.


Prof. Sejanamane has held numerous positions in the Southern African region, including holding a professorial position at the University of Venda in South Africa; being Executive Director of the Institute for Multi-Party Democracy with head office in Durban in South Africa; holding the post of Executive Director of the Southern African Political Economy Series Trust in Harare in Zimbabwe.


After several years working in the Southern African Region, Professor Sejanamane returned to the National University of Lesotho where he has held a professorial position in political science and has been a Pro-Vice Chancellor since July 2011 for the second time having held that position earlier. He was the Acting Vice Chancellor since September 2013 till November 2014.

He has carried out research and published on politics, governance, multilateral institutions and politics and security policy.


Overview of the Office of the Pro-Vice Chancellor

The Pro-Vice Chancellor is University's Academic Head who reports to the Vice-Chancellor and assumes the Vice-Chancellor‚s responsibilities in his absence.  The Office of the Pro-Vice Chancellor is charged with helping University achieve excellence across all areas of the academic enterprise through oversight of undergraduate teaching and learning; graduate mentoring; faculty development, and the development of innovative academic initiatives. The office is responsible for the administration, coordination, and development of general policies and functions applicable to all academic programmes. Other responsibilities of the office include: overseeing the development of academic strategic plans across academic units; ensuring continuing professional development of the academic teaching and research staff through professional development opportunities both on and off campus as well as designing strategies and mechanisms to create a research culture, providing strategic direction to institutional research initiatives.



The services rendered by the Pro-Vice Chancellor‚s office include chairing various academic and institutional committees as well as selection panels. The committees for which the Pro-Vice Chancellor‚s office provides chairmanship include Space Allocation and Vacation Courses Committee, Library Board, Computer Steering Committee, Academic Planning Committee, Localization and Training Board, Sabbatical and Study Leave Committee, Monitoring and Evaluation Committee, Bookshop Committee, and Research and Conferences Committee.



Pro-Vice Chancellor’s Secretary   Tel: +266 22340601    Direct: +266 52217201

Mrs. ‘Malekhoba Chobokoane - Chief Personal Secretary

Dip. in Secretarial Studies (CTI); Cert. in Business Studies (CTI); Gen. Certificate (CTI)



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