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The Department of Student Affairs has been established to create a home away from home climate for students and enabling environment for their effective learning; assisting them in realizing their educational objective; support and enhance their health and wellbeing. The department takes responsibility to support students during their live in the university by enhancing their social, personal and academic growth and development both individually and collectively.


This focuses on providing welfare and care; supporting their mental, emotional,  spiritual, physical development and growth; enhancing student discipline; promoting student health and wellness; enhancing their commitment to professional values enshrined in those of NUL. The department offers a wide range of facilities and services under the following units: Student Welfare Unit; Career and Counseling Unit; Health Centre and Sports, Recreation and Culture Unit. The latter runs twenty three sport codes.


The department has a professional team of Welfare Officers, Counselors, Nurses and Wardens with experience in their areas of expertise. It is headed by the Dean of Student Affairs who reports directly to the Vice-Chancellor. By virtue of his responsibility the Dean is the Ombudsperson and overseer of student affairs and serves in the University Management Team.