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HUM 1.00           

All Year 1 students admitted to the University into the Faculty of Humanities shall register with the Faculty of Humanities, giving, where possible, a provisional indication of the subjects in which they hope to major. Year 1 students are advised to consult the Faculty of Humanities Year 1 Tutor on matters relating to their programme of study in Year 1.


Provided that a student takes at least one of his/her major subjects from the Faculty of Humanities (FOH), he/she may take the second major either from the Faculty of Humanities, or from the following in the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS): Social Anthropology/Sociology, Political and Administrative Studies, and from FOST Geography.  In exceptional circumstances, a Humanities student may be allowed to register for other FSS courses. Normally a Humanities student cannot major in the following areas: Law, Education, Commerce, Management, Accounting, Statistics, and Mathematics.

HUM 1.01:          

A department, subject to approval by the Faculty, may include within the minimum requirements for its degree offerings a limited number of courses from other departments.

HUM 1.02:          

Every project, or similar undertaking, whether completed wholly in term time, or wholly in vacation-time, or partly in both, shall be used in assessing the final grade of the degree of the student.

HUM 1.03:          


All Faculty of Humanities departments will normally offer:

a)            A major subject in a double major B.A. (Humanities), when two subjects, as defined in HUM 1.00, are taken, with a minimum of nine and a maximum of 12 credit hours per week per subject being taken in each of the two semesters;

b)            A teaching subject in a B.Ed. when students will take a minimum of six and a maximum of 12 credit hours per week in the content major (s) for two semesters; and

c)            A single major which will be started at the beginning of Year 2. See the individual department Regulations for the necessary qualifications to take a single major. A single major will have a minimum of fifteen (15), and a maximum of eighteen (18), credit hours per week.

Note:    These minimum and maximum credit hours can be varied according to departmental requirements with Faculty and Senate approval;



In keeping with the General Academic Regulations for Undergraduate Degrees, the following words have the given definitions:

(i)         Programme:         A plan of study lasting over a specified period which leads to a diploma or degree of the University.

(ii)        Subject:               A field of study offered by a department.

(iii)       Course:                A separately teachable and examinable component within a subject.


Credit hours: One credit hour represents one lecture hour, or equivalent, per week per semester.

HUM 1.04:           It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that he/she takes all the courses which make up a programme.  The Faculty Tutors and members of departments are available for consultation if a student is in doubt about his/her programme and courses.

HUM 2.00:           General Regulations

HUM 2.01:           During year 1, every Faculty of Humanities student shall take and pass 36 credit hours.


These will include:

- A total of 8 credit hours in ELG1014 and ELG1024 unless the student is exempted from these courses by the Faculty at the Communication and Study Skills Unit.

- A total of 3 credit hours of Numeracy ST1301 or M1330 and total of 3 credit hours of Computer Studies.

- A minimum of 16 credit hours of Faculty of Humanities courses in addition to ELG1014 and ELG1024. 

- A further appropriate number of credit hours either from the Faculty of Humanities or other Faculties.

a)            Students who wish to register for more credit hours than the normal 36 hours may take them from the Faculty of Humanities or any other faculty provided that the credit hours of such courses do not raise the student’s yearly load to more than 48 credit hours.

b)            If a student is exempted from any of the courses making up the Year 1 programme, the number of credit hours for which exemption has been granted shall be made up for by taking other courses from the Faculty of Humanities.


HUM 2.02:          All Year 1 degree courses are not externalised.

HUM 2.03:           In order to proceed from Year 1 to Year II a student must pass all the compulsory courses as spelt in Hum 2.01 (a) and achieve an Overall Weighted Mean (OWM) of at least 50%.

HUM 2.04:           In order to major in a particular subject in Year II, a student shall take and pass the prescribed core courses and all prescribed prerequisite ancillary courses.

HUM 2.05:           HUM 2.05 all year 1 courses shall be supplemented.

HUM 3.00:           Assessment

HUM 3.01:           The ratio of continuous assessment to examinations is 1:1 except where departments determine otherwise.

HUM 3.02:           In order to “pass” a major subject in a double major degree programme, a student must obtain an overall minimum of 50% in each prescribed course.

HUM 3.03:           In order to proceed from Year II to Year III and from Year III to Year IV in a double major degree a student shall:

a)            Pass both subjects as required by the programme concerned;

b)            Obtain an overall weighted mean of 50% calculated from the student’s best 36 credit hours of the year’s programme.

HUM 3.04:  A student who has failed a maximum of 12 credit hours may be allowed to proceed to year II, year III or year IV provided that:

a)            The student repeats the failed course(s) in the next year of study.

c)            There is a programme for the student in the next year of study.

d)            The student does not take in the next year of study course(s) whose prerequisites he/she has not passed.

e)            The student’s work load in the next academic year does not exceed the normally permissible maximum of 48 credit hours.

HUM 3.05   Fail, Repeat and Discontinue:

a)            Fail and repeat the year

A student whose OWM is 40% 49% should fail and repeat the year.

b)            Fail and discontinue from the programme:

                A student whose OWM is between 30-44% should fail and discontinue from programme.

c)            Fail and discontinue from NUL:

                A student whose OWM is below 30% should fail and discontinue from NUL.

HUM 3.06:           Cannot Proceed - A student who fails courses totalling more than 12 credit hours will not be required to proceed.  Such student will repeat the failed courses.

HUM 3.07:          

A student who fails to meet the requirement for the award of the BA/BED at the end of Year 4 may, on the recommendation of the faculty (with the joint advice of the programme (s) concerned), follow a suitable programme which will make it possible for the student to complete the degree provided that he/she is within seven years of initial registration.

HUM 3.08:          

A student who fails a core or prerequisite course in any one year of study will be allowed to repeat it until he/she reaches Year 4 or until passed.  (This means that students can proceed to fourth year with first year courses).  While repeating the course/s student will not be allowed to take course/s of which he/she is repeating its prerequisite.

HUM 4.00: Incomplete Work

Any student who has failed for some sufficient reason, to complete the required work by the end of the course may be awarded an “inc” (incomplete) grade and will be allowed some definite time to complete the work. If she/he fails to do so, the “Inc” grade will become a permanent part of his/her record and he/she will not get credit for the course(s) concerned.

HUM 5.00: Supplementary Examinations

HUM 5.01: Supplementary examinations may be written in not more than 4 courses provided that such courses do not exceed 12 credit hours.

In order to supplement a course a candidate must have scored grade “E” which is an average of 40 – 49% of both continuous assessment and examination.  No final supplementary mark will be higher than 59%.

HUM 5.02:            

In a course or course component that has no formal examination, the method of assessment including supplementary assessment must first be presented to and approved by the Faculty.


HUM 5.03: Exemptions from any requirement (s) or course (s) will be approved by the Faculty acting either on its own or at the recommendation of the relevant Department(s)