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Centre for Teaching and Learning

Profile – Director Dr. Pulane Lefoka

She is a graduate of the Universities of Pretoria (PhD), British Columbia (M.Ed.), The National University of Lesotho (B.Ed.) and the National Teacher Training College (STC). Her undergraduate, Masters and PhD degrees are in Teacher Education with a focus on curriculum and instruction. She served as Director for a period of 4 years in the NUL Institute of Education. She is a Senior Lecturer who, until recently, had been deployed to the Department of Educational Foundations in the Faculty of Education.



Dr. Lefoka has taught at certificate, diploma and degree levels and has supervised a number of M.Ed. students. Her published work is in education in general and in teacher education in particular. She initiated the development of the National Teacher Education Policy. Dr. Lefoka has coordinated national and transnational educational research projects including the MUSTER Project which involved the United Kingdom and universities in Africa and the West Indies. She has been in national, regional and international research teams that evaluated teaching techniques and curriculum used in teacher education institutions and research across the education sub-sectors.


 Dr. Lefoka is a member of the Lesotho Educational Research Association (LERA) and the Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia Educational Research Association. She is one of the Council on Higher Education (CHE) members who were the first to be inaugurated as its founding Council. As a member of CHE, she has been assigned leadership roles in a number of instances; she served as a Chairperson of the Higher Education Policy Formulation Committee and is Chairperson of the Human Resources Management Committee of CHE. Dr. Lefoka has served in various committees and task forces within the education sector at national and at the SADC levels. She has benefited from national and regional capacity building workshops on quality assurance and corporate governance that were facilitated by international and national scholars.




A study carried out by the Commonwealth Secretariat in 2008 recommended an establishment of the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) in the National University of Lesotho. The Centre was launched in 2009. This development is part of the NUL’s vision for raising and sustaining academic excellence. The Centre is one of the units of the University directly responsible to the Pro-Vice Chancellor. It works very closely with the Management of the University, all academic units including the University library, non-academic units of the University responsible for supporting teaching and learning, the Student Welfare Unit, the SRC and the NUL stakeholders.  The Centre’s activities are guided by the CTL Board. The Centre provides numerous services including continuing professional development to enhance quality teaching and assist students with academic learning and development requirements to ensure that they complete their studies successfully.




The Mandate of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is to: 

Provide leadership and planning for all instructional and curricular development activities designed to support the University’s teaching community;

Provide leadership and planning from the development and implementation of assessment plans at the classroom and programme level;

Oversee the distribution of resources to support the development of the instructional community as well as the goals of the Center;

Plan, develop, coordinate, implement and supervise orientation and training opportunities for both full-time and part-time teaching staff;

Plan, develop, implement and supervise a variety of workshops designed to improve the use of technology – enhanced teaching and learning;

Support the work of the Pro-Vice Chancellor by undertaking tasks designed to contribute to the improvement of student learning and development; and

Assist all academic staff planning to apply for promotion to improve and build their Teaching and Learning portfolios ahead of their application.





Currently there are four established positions; Director, two lecturers and a secretary/ administrator. In order to function at optimal efficiency and achieve its mandate the Center is to appoint a core of multi-skilled competent and experienced academics who will from time to time be supported by NUL-based staff and external consultants. Engaging NUL based-experts ensures recognition of local expertise and helps develop capacity from within while engaging external consultants ensures learning from best practices.



Centre for Teaching and Learning

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