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Department of Pharmacy

Profile of Pharmacy Staff



 Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice 4th and 5th year, Advanced courses in Pharmacy Practice, Pharmaceutical care in HIV/AIDS and Head of Pharmacy Department.

Qualification: M. Pharm. (Pharmacy Practice) (North West University), M. Pharm. (Robert Gordon University, UK), Diploma in Pharmacy Technology (NHTC).

Research interest:  Medicine usage in HIV/AIDS, Pharmacoeconomic studies on antiretroviral drugs, and improving formulations of traditional medicines.


Research completed: A review of antiretroviral medicines cost in primary health care clinics in Lesotho

Research to be completed: Evaluation of processes engaged in development and implementation Standard treatment guidelines of HIV/AIDS and the outcome assessment thereof in Lesotho


M.V. Ramathebane.   2012.  Assessment of recording and basic Storage conditions of Pharmacy Drug Stores in Health Facilities in Lesotho. Lesotho Medical Association Journal, 10 (1): 23-29.


M.V. Ramathebane, S. Aiyuk and L. Maja.  2012.  Assessment of Dispensing Records in the Pharmacies of the Health Facilities in Lesotho. Lesotho Medical Association Journal, 10 (1): 30-34.


MV Ramathebane, and L Maja.  2013.  Disposal procedures of expired and unserviceable pharmaceuticals in Lesotho. Lesotho Medical Association Journal,11(1): 6-12.


L Maja and MV Ramathebane.  2013.  Importance of Interventional Intense supervision and regular mentoring of pharmacy assistants on inventory management, good dispensing practice and proper reporting of antiretroviral drugs in the rural Health Centers in Lesotho. A pilot project. Lesotho Medical Association Journal, 11 (1): 13-19.



Lecturer in Biochemistry and Physiology and Faculty Tutor.

Qualification: MSc (University of Cape Town), BSc Honours (University of Cape Town) and BSc (NUL)



Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Sciences 4th and 5th Year, and Pharmaceutical Chemistry 5th Year.

Qualification: Post graduate Diploma in Industrial Pharmacy, Regulations and Drug Quality Control (Moshi, Tanzania), Masters in Pharmaceutical Services and Medicines Control (Bradford University, England) and B.Sc in Pharmacy, (Sunderland School of Pharmacy, England).

Areas of Research interest:


1.  Basotho Traditional medicines with antimicrobial activity;

2.  Pharmacovigilance in Lesotho;

3.  Good Manufacturing Practice and training in SADC countries; 

4.  Good Hospital Practice and storage conditions in Lesotho hospitals.


Paper pending publication:


Mothibe G, Mofolo H, Mokhele A, Mokoto T, Motloheloa M, "The study of the process of setting up a Pharmacovigilance system with the view of providing a framework for establishing one for Maseru district in Lesotho"; The Journal for Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice.



Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice 2nd and 3rd year, and Pharmacovigilance.

Qualification: M. Pharm. (Pharmacy Practice) (North West University), B. Pharm. (Hon) (NUL).

Research interests: Evidence Based Medicine, Pharmacovigilance, Health policy and systems research, Drug and drug use patterns. Pharmaceutical Marketing, Compliance, Self-medication.


Completed research

Maja, L., Rakumakoe, D. M., Ramathebane, M. V. & Lubbe, M. S.  2013.  Assessment of adverse drug reactions caused by HAART at antiretroviral clinics in the Maseru district, Lesotho.  North West University.


Published articles

Ramathebane, M. V., Aiyuk, S. & Maja, L. 2012. Assessment of dispensing records in the pharmacies of the health facilities in Lesotho. Lesotho medical association journal, 10 (1): 30-34.

Maja, L. & Ramathebane, M. V. 2013. Importance of interventional and regular mentoring of pharmacy assistants. Lesotho medical association journal, 11 (1): 13-19.

Ramathebane, M. V. & Maja, L. 2013. Disposal procedures of expired and unserviceable pharmaceuticals in Lesotho. Lesotho medical association journal, 11 (1): 6-12.



Lecturer in Pharmacology 4th year, Pharmacy Management, Epidemiology and Biostatistics and Faculty Tutor.

Qualification: Masters in Business and Science Drug Discovery and Development) (Rutgers University USA) B. Pham. (Hon), Diploma in Pharmacy Technology (NHTC).


Research interests

Rational use of anti-infectives in hospitals and community pharmacies


Completed research projects

Risk factors associated with Tuberculosis (TB) re-infection in previously treated patients.



Assistant Lecturer in Pharmacology 2nd and 3rd year.

Qualification: M Pharm (in progress) (North West University), B. Pharm (Hon) (NUL).

Research interest:  Medicine usage in HIV/AIDS, hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus and Maternal health


Research completed: The effects of concurrent therapy of antihypertensives and antidiabetics on blood glucose control (Honours project)


Research to be completed: (1) The renal safety profile of tenofovir as used in antiretroviral therapy in Lesotho (Masters project), (2) The use of oxytocin vs misoprostol for labor induction in Lesotho,  (3) Prophylactic therapy in HAART: A high pill burden



Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Microbiology for Nursing and Nutrition.

Qualification: Master of Technology in Biomedical – Technology (CUM LAUDER), (CUT, RSA), Bachelor of Medical Science (Hon) (University of Zimbabwe).


Research interests

Quality assurance of Medicines

HIV/ AIDS and Tuberculosis treatment outcomes


Pending research publications


2013 An Assessment of Progress and Challenges in Eradicating Extreme Poverty and Hunger and Combating HIV & AIDS, and Tuberculosis in Lesotho (OSSREA Book Chapter. Publication pending)                            

2013       The effect of TDF on immunological response in HIV- positive patients in Lesotho (Medical Technology Journal South Africa)

2013       The effect of TDF on renal function in HIV- positive patients in Lesotho (Medical Technology Journal South Africa)

2013       Assessing adherence to Tuberculosis infection control guidelines by nurses in Lesotho          (Lesotho Medical Association Journal)

2013       Phytochemical screening of selected herbal products in Lesotho (Lesotho Medical Association Journal)


Poster presentations


2013       Poster P038-B: Mugomeri, E., Chatanga, P., Makara ‘M., Mahlape, M., Seutloali, G., Hlapisi, S., Rahlao, L., Sekheo, ‘M, Maputsoe. ‘M., Tarirai, C. Setting up a Lesotho herbal medicines repository and database. 04-06 October 2013. ‘3’s Company Conference of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences of South Africa. Milnerton, Cape Town: University of the Western Cape (UWC).

2013       Poster 02: Mugomeri, E., Olivier D., vd Heever W.M.J. The effect of tenofovir on renal function in HIV-positive patients in lesotho. 29 October 2013. Faculty of Health and Environmental Science Prestige Research Day. Bloemfontein: Central University of Technology (CUT).

2013       Poster 01: Mugomeri, E., Chatanga, P., Hlapisi, S., Rahlao, L. Phytochemical characterisation of selected herbal products in Lesotho. 02 November 2013. 4th Health Symposium. Maseru, Lesotho: Queen ‘Mamohato Memorial Hospital (QMMH).



Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Science (3rd Year) and Pharmaceutical Chemistry (3rd and 4th Years).

Qualification: Masters in Pharmacy – Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy – (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)


Drug discovery

Structural determination and antimicrobial activities of cyclic peptides

Adherence to ARVs and guidelines


Research published

Animicrobial activity of cyclo (Phe-4I-Pro) published by Lesotho Medical Journal 2012 by L. Qhola & P.J. Milne


On going

Why are patients not adhering to ART in Lesotho?



Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacy (4th and 5th year)

Qualification: B. Pharm. (University of the Western Cape), Dr rer. nat. (Neurosciences) (University of Goettingen), B. Com. (Economics) (UNISA

Research Interests: Management of chronic diseases


Recent publications

Thinyane KH, Cooper VLJ. (2013). Causes of Hospital Admission among Patients Receiving Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy. Research Journal of Medical Sciences, 7(5-6):130-133.

Thinyane KH, Theketsa CE. (2013). Characteristics of patients admitted with diabetes in Maseru, Lesotho. African Journal of Diabetes Medicine, 21(1):17-19.


Thinyane KH, Cooper V. (2013). Clinical Profiles of HIV-Infected, HAART-Naive Patients Admitted to a Tertiary Level Hospital in Maseru, Lesotho. The Internet Journal of Infectious Diseases, 11(1). DOI: 10.5580/2cd4.