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Communications and Marketing Office

Profile- Director Communications and Marketing - Mrs. Phumla 'Makananelo Moleko

Mrs. Phumla 'Makananelo Moleko is a Communications and Public Relations Practitioner with a vast experience in development and corporate communications work. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities degree from the National University of Lesotho and a Masters in Corporate Communications degree from the University of the Free State.


Mrs Moleko joined the National University of Lesotho in December 2013 and is in charge of Communications and Marketing initiatives of the University. Her main role is to maintain a positive image of the University and to ensure timeous communication and publicity of University‚s initiatives through liaison with internal and external stakeholders at all times.


Prior to joining the University, she served as a Communications and Training Specialist of the Africa Adaptation Project under the United Nations Development Programme. She played a vital role under the project in educating the Basotho nation about climate change as an emerging issue, with specific focus on climate change adaptation strategies. She also served as Head of Advocacy and Communications of the National AIDS Commission for a period of four years, where she, among others, advocated for behaviour change as a strategy for reduction of new HIV infections and empowered individuals and communities on HIV and AIDS issues.  


She joined the Lesotho News Agency (LENA) of the Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology in 2000 as a Senior Reporter for a period of five years. In 2005 she was appointed Principal Information Officer for the Road Safety Department of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport.




The Communications and Marketing Office falls directly under the Office of the Vice Chancellor. The Office is responsible for promoting the National University of Lesotho (NUL) and its work both internally and externally. It is the custodian of NUL‚s strategic communication, marketing activities and the link to the University's key stakeholders and partners. The office is also responsible for building the University‚s international profile in line with the University‚s vision and mission.


In a nutshell, the Office works to create awareness amongst NUL stakeholders, maintain strong links, protect and lend support to the management and leadership of the Institution, and market, promote and enhance NUL‚s image.



The aim of all the communication and marketing efforts is to ensure that NUL is recognized as a world-class institution by all the University stakeholders.

The following are services offered by the Office:


Media liaison

The Communications and Marketing Office is the first point-of-contact with the University. It is the communication hub, of both the print and electronic media. The Unit prepares media briefings and statements on the many research, academic and community endeavours undertaken by NUL. In addition, should the need arise; the Office is responsible for crisis communication to both the university community and the public.


The Office publicizes events, successes and innovations; writes, targets and issues news releases; briefs journalists; responds to journalists' and media researchers' enquiries; and promotes NUL staff as expert commentators on TV and radio.


The Office also gives advice to departments on the most appropriate media options with regard to reach, frequency, impact and relevance to the target market.


Marketing and advertising

The office is responsible for the university's strategic corporate marketing through an integrated marketing communications programme that includes:

Managing the University's corporate identity within brand guidelines;

Editing and/or redrafting of advertisements in order to attract the targeted audience, as well as advising on economy of space for cost efficiency;

Institutional advertising mainly in support of recruitment, post graduate and research activities;

Promotional campaigns, including development of promotional materials and gifts;

Web communications including web marketing.



The Office is charged with the marketing and promotion of the University's undergraduate and graduate programmes to schools, educators, parents and the Ministry of Education so that top quality prospective undergraduate students apply to NUL. Working together with the Academic Office, the Unit organizes educational outreach programmes and offer career guidance to prospective students in their schools or communities.


Online communications

The Office responsible for managing and maintaining the University's website (, the Intranet and other social media platforms. Working closely with the Computer Services Unit (which attends to all technical web and server issues); the Office manages online communications and also offers guidance, support and training in using social media for communication and promotion.


Another important function of the Office is the use of NUL website and other social media to promote events/functions. The Office further manages the University email address ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and strives to respond to inquiries appropriately and timeously.


Functions and event-management

The Unit provides marketing support and management for some of the University's corporate events. Events for Public Relations purposes are part of the marketing communications mix. They form part of an integrated marketing plan or campaign and they have clearly defined objectives and targets.

Such functions include:

Launching a new facility or service;

Ceremonies such as graduations;

Engaging with the local community;

Celebrating an achievement, milestone or anniversary;

Conferences, workshops and campaigns.


Strategic relationship-building initiatives

Visibility of NUL at events organized by other institutions/organizations is vital. The Unit oversees the production of high quality publicity material and marketing of the University at international and local conferences and events.


Other important relationships that need strong maintenance are with sponsor and advertisers. They need to be regularly apprised of events happening at the University. The Office compiles and distributes to stakeholders publications such as the NUL Newsletter to further promote the NUL brand to all stakeholders.


Alumni relations

The Unit is responsible for coordinating and generating altruistic support for the future development and success of the University by keeping the community of all students who attended this University up-to-date with existing developments at NUL. The alumni network spans beyond Lesotho borders across the whole continent and reaches all corners of the globe.


It is envisaged such relationship will garner alumni‚s support of University affairs and activities and be of positive benefit to the graduates.


 The alumni usually get in touch with one another and the University through a public lecture, a leadership forum, a class reunion, the website or just an informal visit.


Alumni are more than welcome to contact the Office via the email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   and are encouraged to update their details on-line (


Internal communications

Internal Communications is part of the broader communications mandate for the Office for the distribution of content, expertise, and faculty research. The Unit is responsible for facilitating communication directly with the University‚s approximately 10,000 students and staff, using a variety of channels.

Plans are at an advanced stage in the development of an Intranet ( portal which is envisaged to make internal sharing of information, documents, notices and events listing easier.




Mrs. Phumla Moleko- Director Communications and Marketing

B.A Humanities (NUL) M.A Corporate Comms (UOFS)


Mrs. 'Mamosa Moteetee- Communications and Marketing Officer

B.A Ed (NUL), B.A Hons. Media & Comms (Natal), M.A Digital Media (UKZN)       


Ms. 'Malefa Ntepe- Principal Personal Secretary

Dip. Office Management and Technology (UNISA) 



Communications and Marketing Office


Telephone:   +266 22340601

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Fax:            +266 22340000

Cell:            +266 58885858

E-mail:         This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.