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Associations, Societies and Clubs

The following are academic Associations, Societies and Clubs fully registered with the SRC.


  1. Board of All Academic Associations
  2. Campus Fire Fellowship
  3. Cross Roads Students Movement Association
  4. Debating Society
  5. Lioli Association
  6. Geography Association
  7. Law Society
  8. Majantja Association
  9. Marketing Association National University of Lesotho
  10. Melele Association
  11. NUL Agric Student Association
  12. NUL Arts and Culture Association (NULAC)
  13. NUL B.Comm Association
  14. NUL Christian Union
  15. NUL Dance Club
  16. NUL Pharmacy Students Association
  17. Nursing Association
  18. Nutrition Association
  19. Postgraduate Students Association
  20. Public Administration and Political Science Association
  21. Reggae Appreciation Society
  22. Science and Technology Society
  23. Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)
  24. Thaba-Tseka Association
  25. The House of Prayer Church of All Nations.
  26. Weight Lifting