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About the Faculty



The teaching of Law in Lesotho goes back to 1965 when the Department of Law was created under the Faculty of Social Sciences. At the time the development policies in Lesotho, beginning with the first five (5) year development plan, focused on incorporating law into the mainstream of socio-economic, political and other developments. The Faculty of Law was created on the 9th September 1981 as an independent Faculty. This development was necessitated by the expanding demand for lawyers in the country at the time. The consensus was that the law curriculum was highly specialized and, therefore, required a fully fledged Faculty of Law in order to undertake the composite training of lawyers. 


From 1965 to 1975 legal training for students of the UBLS was divided into stages. Students studied in Roma for the first and second years of their training.  The third and fourth years of training were conducted at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.  The final phase of the programme was conducted in Roma again in order to complete a five year Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree.  From 1976 to date, legal training at NUL has been the sole responsibility of the Faculty of Law and students complete all their years of training on the Roma campus. 


Between 1976 and 1999, the Faculty offered a Bachelor of Arts degree in Law (B.A. Law) which was a four year degree comprising of substantive Law courses only. This qualification could be followed by a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree which was a two year programme comprising procedural law subjects. The LL.B. qualification is required for admission to practice law in the courts of Lesotho. There was also a three year LL.B. programme for holders of non-law bachelor degrees who wanted to practice law in Lesotho. 


As of 1999 the Faculty now runs three LL.B. programmes (a two year programme, three year programme, and five year programme) as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Labour Law and a Master of Laws (LL.M.) programme.


Faculty Mission:

Our mission in the FOL is to produce lawyers with a wide knowledge of law as a subject and to release competitively fit professionals into national, regional and international markets.


Faculty Vision:

Our vision is to gradually grow into a leading Faculty of Law in Africa, staffed by highly qualified, focused and dedicated academics who, through teaching and research, produce graduates, at both first and higher degree level, who are sufficiently endowed with knowledge and professionalism which enable them to fill the gaps in the nation‚s needs for legal experts and compete effectively in the global fields of law.



The Faculty of Law offers full-time courses leading to the following degrees:

Bachelor of Laws, hereinafter referred to as LL.B.

Master of Laws, hereinafter referred to as LL.M.

Post-Graduate Diploma in Labour Law (Conciliation and Arbitration)


Officers of the Faculty of Law

 Dean: Dr.K.E.Mosito KC

Deputy Dean: Vacant


Heads of Departments:

T.Tsietsi (Private Law)

M. Mosito (Procedural and Adjectival Law)

T. Molapo(Public Law)


Faculty Tutors:

K. Ramabele-Thamae (Tutor 3rd yr & Special Programmes)

B.H. Sekonyela (2ndyr and 5thyr)

N.G. Thabane(1styr and 4th yr)


Assistant Administrator: M. Lethunya, B.Tech: Office Mngt &Technology (DIT)

Secretaries: Mrs L. Ntsielo