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HUM1.00 REGISTRATION           


(a) All Year I students admitted to the University into the Faculty of Humanities shall register with the Faculty of Humanities, giving, where possible, Subject(s) in which they hope to major. Year I students are strongly advised to study University and Faculty Regulations, and to consult the Faculty of Humanities Year I Tutor on matters relating to Year I courses and their Programme of Study in Year I.


(b) A student registered in the Faculty of Humanities must take at least one of her/his majors from majors offered in the Faculty of Humanities.


A Department, subject to approval by the Faculty, may include, within the minimum requirements of its major(s), a limited number of courses from other Departments.


Every project, or similar undertaking, whether completed wholly in term time, or wholly vacation-time, or partly in both, shall be used in assessing the final grade of the degree of the student.



Currently the Faculty of Humanities offers the following:

(a) A Single Major which will start at the beginning of Year II. (For qualifications necessary for taking a Single Major, see Regulations of individual Departments).

(b) A Double Major which will start at Year II will be made up of two majors.





It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that her/his registration meets all requirements of her studies. Faculty Tutors and members of Departments are available for consultation if a student is in doubt about requirements of her/his studies.




Condition for Sitting an Examination in a Course A student will be allowed to take examination in a course provided he/she has a minimum course work of at least 40%





(a) During Year I, every Faculty of Humanities student shall take and pass a minimum of 36 credit hours. These will include the following designated courses: (i) ELG1014 and ELG1024, unless the student is exempted by the Faculty at the recommendation of Communication and Study Skills Unit;
(ii) Numeracy courses in either Mathematics or Statistics; namely, M1330 and ST1381.
(iii) Computer Skills, CS1301;
(iv) a minimum of 16 credit hours of courses offered in the Faculty of Humanities;
(iv) an appropriate number of credit hours from either Faculty of Humanities or other Faculties.
(b) If a student is exempted from any of the courses making up the Year I Programme, the number of credit hours for which exemption has been granted shall be made up for by taking other courses from the Faculty of Humanities.
(c) Students who wish to register for more credit hours than the normal 36 credit hours may take them from the Faculty of Humanities, or any other Faculty, provided that the credit hours of such courses do not raise the student’s yearly load to more than 48 credit hours when added to the credit hours in (a)(i)-(iv).




Year I Examinations are not externalised.




In order to proceed from Year I to Year II, a student must pass all courses referred to in HUM2.01 (a)(i)-(iv) and achieve a (Weighted) Year Mean of at least 50%.




Supplementary Examinations’ Regulations will apply in the case of Year I courses.





The ratio of continuous assessment to examinations is 1:1, except where the Faculty determines otherwise, with the approval of Senate.




In order to pass a Major subject(s), a student must obtain a minimum of 50% in each of the courses prescribed for the Major(s).


HUM3.03 Proceed from One Year of study to another:          


In order to proceed from one year of study to the other, a student shall:
(i) Pass all courses that are prescribed for the major.
(ii) Obtain a Year Mean, or Overall Weighted Mean of 50%, or higher, calculated from 36 Credit Hours of the year’s Required Courses.




(a)] A student who has failed a maximum of 12 credit hours may be allowed to proceed to the next Year of Study provided that:
(i) the student’s Year Mean, or OWM, is 50%, or higher;
(ii) the student repeats the failed Courses in the next Year of Study;
(iii) the student has passed prerequisites of course that need to be taken in the next year of study;
(iv) There is a programme for the student in the next year of study.
(iv) in the next year of study, the student does not register for more than the normally permissible 48 Credit Hours.
(b) Students will be allowed to repeat Courses from a previous Year of Study only up to the next Year of Study, and not beyond; i.e. First Year Courses can be repeated only up to the Second Year of Study, Second Year Courses only up to the Third Year of Study, etc.




Supplement, Fail, Repeat, and Discontinue


HUM3.05.1: Supplementary Examinations         


(a) A student who obtains an ‘E’ grade in a Required Course may be required to sit a Supplementary Examination in the course provided that:
(i) the student has a Year Mean of 50%, or higher.
(ii) sitting such a Supplementary Examination may raise the student’s Year Mean to 50%, or above.
(b) Supplementary examinations may be written in not more than 5 courses provided that such courses do not exceed 16 credit hours.
(c) Supplementary Examination Final Marks will be computed by adding student’s coursework to the mark the student obtains in the Supplementary Examination; AR6.08
(d) Supplementary Examinations final marks will not exceed D+ grade.
(e) In cases where Senate approves a ‘First Sitting’ result in respect of a student, such a student will normally sit for the examination during Supplementary Examinations.
(f) The mark of student in (e) above will be computed in manner similar to the computation of Main Examinations marks.
(g) In a case where the final mark of a student in (e) is an ‘E’, the Department concerned will set a ‘Special Supplementary Examination’ for the student, to be taken before the beginning of Lectures in the next Academic Year.
(h) Special Supplementary Examinations Final Marks may be submitted to the Chairperson of Senate for executive approval.




(a) A student whose Year Mean, or Overall Weighted Mean, is between 40% and 49% should fail and repeat the year.
(b)] In a repeat year, a student needs to register for Credit Hours not less than 36, and not more than 48 but should not necessarily repeat courses passed in the failed year.
(c)] In cases where a student may register for a course, or courses, passed in the failed year, the Final Mark obtained in the repeat year will be used in determining the student’s results.
(d)] The Faculty may recommend that a student who obtains a Year Mean of an ‘E’ be allowed to sit Supplementary Examination(s) if passing such Supplementary Examination(s) may improve the student’s OWM].


HUM3.05.3: Fail and Discontinue from the Programme         


A student whose OWM is between 30 and 39 should fail and discontinue from the major(s).


HUM3.05.4: Fail and Discontinue from NUL         


A student whose OWM is below 30% should fail and discontinue from NUL.


HUM3.06: CANNOT PROCEED         


Student who fails more than 12 Credit Hours of courses of a particular Year of Study, will not be allowed to proceed. Such a student will be required to repeat the failed course(s), if he/she has Year Mean of 50%, or higher.




A student who fails to meet the requirement for the award of the B.A. at the end of Year 4 may, on the recommendation of the Faculty, with the joint advice of the Department(s) concerned, follow a suitable programme which will make it possible for the student to complete the degree provided that he/she is within seven years of initial registration.




A student who fails a Required Course in any one Year of Study will be allowed to repeat it only once. If the Required Course is failed a second time, the student will normally be discontinued from the failed major(s). Where possible, the student may be encouraged to change Majors, provided he/she has obtained a Year Mean of 50%, or more.


HUM4.00: Incomplete Work         


(a) A student who fails to complete the required work by the end of a stipulated time may be awarded an “Inc.” (Incomplete) grade, and allowed some stipulated time to complete the work.
(b) A final mark that a student will obtain after an extension will be treated like a supplementary examination final mark.
(c) If the student fails to complete at the end of an extended deadline, he/she will be awarded a mark commensurate to the amount of work done, but such a mark will be a failed mark.


HUM5.00: Incomplete Work         


In a course, that is not examined in the normal manner, the method of assessment, including supplementary assessment, must first be presented to, and approved by, the Faculty and be recommended to Senate for approval.




Exemptions from any requirement(s), or Course(s), will be approved by the Faculty after consultation with the relevant Department(s), and recommended for Senate’s approval.