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The National University of Lesotho will hold a two-day conference on the theme “Rethinking Development for Lesotho: Cataloguing 50 Years of Development Mystique and Forecasting the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2063”, from November 10-11, 2016 at the Thaba Bosiu Cultural Village.


Organised under the auspices of the Departments of Development Studies and Economics, this theme is in line with the University’s core mandate, namely: “[to] advance human development and respond to national and regional needs through knowledge creation, dissemination and community engagement; employing technologically innovative strategies.”


 The goals of the conference are to provide Basotho with an opportunity to reflect on Lesotho’s journey on development agendas over this period and discuss the strategic policy direction that the country should embark on in the next 30-50 years.  The conference will also serve as the platform to open the much needed space for national dialogue and consensus building on the country’s development agenda.

The conference is aimed at, among others: producing a volume documenting Lesotho’s experience in grappling with complex developmental issues over the past 50 years and taking a pro-active role in mapping Lesotho’s future beyond 2015.


It is also intended to promote partnering with Government and development agencies in pursuit of Lesotho’s long-term development.

The various sub-themes of the conference include: unemployment, labour policies, industrialization, financial markets, taxation, higher education and development, service delivery, governance, poverty, gender and development, health, technology, natural resources, international cooperation and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


 The conference paper contributions and panelists are drawn from an inclusive base of stakeholders of development partners, academia, public and private sectors and the legal fraternity.


 The conference is generously supported by the National University of Lesotho, the Ministry of Development Planning, European Union and UNDP, the Central Bank of Lesotho, Metropolitan Lesotho and Floretts Guest House.




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