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The Faculty has seven Departments and one Unit as follows:


Department of African Languages and Literature

Department of Development Studies

Department of English

Department of French

Department of Historical Studies

Department of Philosophy

Department of Theology and Religious Studies

Communication and Study Skills Unit



The Faculty of Humanities offers the following academic programmes:



Certificate in Practical French


Undergraduate diploma

Diploma in Pastoral Care and Counseling

Diploma in Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics

Diploma in Library and Information Studies

Diploma in Mass Commuication

Diploma in Theatre for Development


Barchelor of Arts

BA Humanities

BA Pastoral Care and Counseling

Post graduate Diploma

Post graduate Diploma in TESL/TEFL

Post Graduate Diploma in Communication and Media

Post Graduate Diploma in Translation and Interpretation

Postgraduate Diploma in Development Studies



BA (Honours) in English Language & Linguistics

BA (Honours) in Literature in English

BA (Honours) in Philosophy


Masters of Arts

M.A in African Language and Linguistics

M.A in African Literature

MA in Development Studies

MA in English Language and Linguistics

MA in Literature in English

M.A. in Philosophy

MA in Religious Studies

Doctor of Philosophy

PHD in English Language and Linguistics

PHD in Literature in English

PHD in Philosophy

PHD in Religious Studies



Dean:                                    Dr. B. Ekanjume-Ilongo

Deputy Dean:                    Vacant


Heads of Departments/Unit      

African Languages and Literature:                            Mrs. L.M. Thetso

Development Studies:                                            Dr. K. Motsoene

English:                                                               Dr. P. Letsoela

French:                                                                Dr. L. Chaka

History:                                                                Assoc. Prof. M. Thabane

Philosophy:                                                          Dr. L. Manyeli

Theology and Religious Studies:                              Dr. N.T. Makhalemele

Communication and Study Skills Unit:                      B. Muringani


Faculty Tutors     


First Year:                                            Mr. M. Mahlatsi

Second Year:                                      Ms. R. Malibo

Third Year:                                         Mr. T. Qhala

Fourth Year:                                       Dr. T.A. Rantšo

Postgraduate Studies:                          Dr. P.L. Leshota

Senior Assistant Registrar:                    Vacant

Assistant Registrar:                              Mrs. L.V. Sekoere

Secretarial Staff               

Mrs. M.C. Toloane

Ms. R. Marabe

Mrs. M. Sekaleli

Department of African Languages and Literature



Prof. M.E. Machobane BA+CCE (UBLS), M.A. (SFU), Ph.D (McGill)


Senior Lecturer

Dr. L.Phafoli B.A. Ed. (NUL), B.A. Hons, M.A.(Wits), Ph.D (UFS)



Dr. M. Rapeane B.A.Ed., (NUL), B.A. Hons, M.A., Ph.D (UCT) (on unpaid leave)

Mr. K. Maimane, B.A.Ed., M.A. (NUL) (on staff development leave)

Mrs. T. Motjope-Mokhali, B.A, (NUL), M.A. (NMMU)

Mrs. M.L. Thetso, B.Ed, M.A. (NUL)

Department of Development Studies



Prof. H.P. Simukonda, BA [University of Malawi], MA [Birmingham], PhD [Wales, Swansea]

Senior Lecturer

Dr. T. Tsikoane, BA (NUL), MA (Dar-es Salaam), PhD (Boston)



Dr. V. Thebe, BSC Honours in Sociology [University of Zimbabwe], MA in Rural Development [East Anglia], PhD in Development Studies [East Anglia]  

Dr. M. N. Ntho, B.Ed [NUL], M.Ed. [UDW], PhD. [University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg]

Dr. M. Daemane, BA [NUL], M.A. (ARD) in Development Studies [ISS, The Hague], Ph.D. [University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg].

Dr. T. Rantšo BA [NUL], M.A. in Development Studies [Natal]

Dr. M. K. Motśoene, BA [NUL], M.A. (ECD) in Development Studies [ISS, The Hague], PhD. [University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg].

Mr. M. L.’Musi, BA.Ed. [NUL], M.A. in Development Studies [Natal]

Mrs. P. Adams, BA [NUL], MA. [East Anglia]


Department of English



C. Dunton, MA, Ph.D (Oxon)

F. L Moloi, BA+CCE (NUL), BEd (NUL), MA-TESOL (UCLA), MA AdultEducation (St Francis Xavier), Ph.D (Wits)


Associate Professor:      

P.V. Shava, Certificate of Education (Rhodesia), BA (NUL), MA (Carleton), Ph.D (Dalhousie)


Senior Lecturer:               

Dr. B. Ekanjume-Ilongo, BA Hons, MA, DEA (MPhil), PhD (Yaounde 1)

Mr. M. Mokuku, BA, (NUL), MA (New York)



Dr. R. Thuube, BA (NUL), BA (Hons (UFS), MA, PhD (NUL)

Dr. M. Mokhathi-Mbhele, BA Ed (NUL), MSc AL/ELT (Edinburgh) PhD (UWC)

Dr. P. Letsoela, BA, BA Hons (NUL), M.Sc. (Edinburgh), PhD (NUL)

Ms. R. Malibo, BA (NUL), BA Honours (Wits) MA, (KZN)

Mr. T. Nzeku, BA (NUL), MEd (ELT Management)

Mrs. M. Chele Sefotho,BA, BA Hons, MA (NUL) (on staff development leave)

Mr. T. Qhala, BA, BA Honours, MA (NUL)

Mr. S. Amaka, BA (BSU-Ekpoma), Diploma in TEFL (Longo), MA (Lagos)

Mrs. P. L. Matee, BA, BA Honours (NUL), MA (Wits)

Mrs. B. Muringani, BA, BA Hons, MA (University of Zimbabwe)

Mrs. M. Kolobe, BA, BA Honours MA (NUL)

Mrs. M. Maleke, BA, BA Honours MA (NUL)

Mr. A. Hala-Hala, BA, (NUL) BA Hons (UoFS), MPhil (Wits)

Mr. L. Masiea, BA, Honours, MA (NUL)


Department of Historical Studies



Ass Prof. T. H. Mothibe, BA (NUL), BA (Oxon), M.A. (Wisconsin), Ph.D. (Wisconsin).

Assoc. Prof. M. Thabane, BA (NUL), MA (NUL), Dr. Art. (Trondheim)

Senior Lecturer                                

Mr. M. Mushonga, BA (Hons), (UZ), GRAD. C.E. (UZ), M.A. (UZ).



Mr. K. Ketsi, B.Ed. (NUL), M.A. (SOAS)

Mr. T. M. Seloma, B.A.Ed, (NUL), M.A. (NUL).

Mr. J. Mataga, BA (Hons), UZ, M.A. (UZ)


Department of Philosophy


Professor:           Vacant


Senior Lecturer:               

Dr. L. Manyeli B.A.Phil (Urbaniana), B.Theo (Urbaniana), M.A. Phil (Ottawa) Ph.D (Ottawa)



Mr. M.M. Mapetja, B.Phil. (Urbaniana) B.Phil.Honours (Durban-Westville), M.A. Phil. (NUL)

Mr. J. Mahlatsi B. Phil. (Urbaniana), B.Phil. Hons (NUL), M.A.Phil.(NUL)

Mr. S. Koali B.Phil.(Urbaniana), B.PhilHons.(NUL), M.A. (Stellenbosh University)


Department of Theology and Religious Studies



Prof. J. Omoregbe: Ph.D. (Gregorian University, Rome); Ph.D (Lateran University, Rome); Ph.D. (Catholic University of Keuven, Belgium).

Assoc. Prof.        F. L. C.  Rakotsoane: B.Phil. (Urbaniana University, Rome) M.Soc.Sc. & Ph.D. (University of Cape Town, South Africa)


Senior Lecturer:               

Dr. N.T. Makhalemele: B.Phil. & B. Theo. (Urbaniana University, Rome) M.A. Theo and Ph.D (Gregorian University, Rome)



Dr. P.L. Leshota: B. Phil. & B.Theo (Urbaniana University, Rome) S.S.L. (Biblicum, rome) Ph.D (UNISA, South Africa).

Dr. M. Phamotse: BA Ed. (NUL), B.Ed.Honours, M.Ed. & Ph.D (Wits)

Dr. F.P. Molumeli: B. Phil. & BTheo. (Urbaniana University, Rome), M.Min (Creighton University, Omaha, USA), M.P.S.(Master of Pastoral Studies, Loyola University, Chicago), Psy.D.(Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Wright State University, Ohio, USA.