The National University Lesotho will lead a CAMPAIGN AGAINST VIOLENCE on Wednesday, 10th May, 2017 starting from 9:00am during a memorial service for the late female student, Tumelo Mohlomi, who was shot dead just outside the Roma campus a week ago.

The CAMPAIGN AGAINST VIOLENCE will be launched to highlight the spectre of violence in our society and to build public engagement to break the cycle of violence.

Activities for the day will kick-start with a march from Ha Scout to the Netherlands Hall where the campaign will be launched.

This campaign was spurred by a recent spate of attacks on students both on and off-campus including the death a week ago of Tumelo while relaxing with friends at a restaurant outside campus. This untimely death has drummed home the spectre of violence haunting the nation.

Tumelo was allegedly shot and died on the spot by a police officer who is now in police custody. Her death threw into sharp relief numerous violent deaths in our society. Elderly people routinely get raped and killed often by known assailants. Murder incidents of all kinds ranging from domestic disputes, competition in business, armed robbery and political violence have all assumed alarming proportions. Increasingly society is becoming immunized to violence as an acceptable instrument of inter-relations discourse. Lesotho is steadily earning itself another dubious mantle as one of the most violent countries of the world.

The University invites Basotho to be part and parcel of the campaign wherever they may be. The University strongly feels time has come when Basotho in all their walks of life must coalesce against violence in their midst before the nation self-destructs.

At the launch a range of activities will be on display. Speeches will be made by experts and prominent members of the Basotho society including: Group therapists; Heads of Churches; the Ministry of Education and Training; Lesotho Mounted Police Service; NGO’s; Cultural Leaders; the Media and the Principal Chief of Ha Maama.


See program of activities here!