While many employers find the development opportunities for the employees expensive and costly for the organisation, the training to the Senior Management Team and staff in middle management positions on the 16th and 17th October, 2017.
Theme of the training and development was on EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT AND EXECUTION.


In her official opening remarks, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Assoc. Prof. ‘Manthoto Lephoto indicated that leadership training is important in making leaders understand themselves better so they can work with others efficiently towards the achievement of the organisation’s vision.


“The training will help NUL Management figure out effective ways in which the University can become more flexible, enabling them to prepare for and quickly adapt to changes in the marketplace by developing and executing strategies that will increase productivity,” she said.


She emphasized that in line with NUL’s vision ‘To be a vibrant African University, nurturing thought leaders’, the management believes that NUL can nurture thought leaders when its staff are equipped with the necessary leadership tools; hence, the investment on senior staff.


At the end of the second day, participants were awarded certificates. Motivated employees yield better performance and highest level of confidence at workplace. Even a high-powered corporate team should be given specialized training to hone their leadership skills.


Topics covered included: Qualities of Effective Leaders; Effective Management and Execution; Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving Skills.


NUL annually provides management with this kind of training and development sharpening their leadership skills. The last training was in September, 2016.