National University of Lesotho hosting Mandela Rhodes Community Summit

For the first time in the history of Mandela Rhodes Community, the 2017 summit was held in Lesotho at the National University of Lesotho from the 10th – 12th November 2017. This type of summit was held for the 8th time since the Mandela Rhodes existed and it was the first time the summit was held outside the Republic of South Africa. Mr. Tsepang Majara, a Mandela Rhodes Scholar from Lesotho was organizing and controlling the summit with the help of earnestly committed and engaged NUL team.


When officially opening the conference and warmly welcoming the Mandela Rhodes Community as well as other guests, Pro-Vice Chancellor of the National University of Lesotho Associate Professor Manthoto Lephoto thanked everyone for attending and celebrating with the most honoured guests from Mandela Rhodes Community.


Prof. Lephoto further appreciated Mr. Majara and indicated that she is very happy that he worked behind closed and opened doors having the summit to come to Lesotho. “To our guests, this is Lesotho, this is National University of Lesotho and it is an honour to welcome you on behalf of Professor Nqosa Mahao, the Vice-Chancellor of the university. We thank you for bringing a special and very appropriate theme for this year’s summit “Rethinking ethical leadership in Africa: Searching for the missing links to build successful nations””, Prof said.


“We wish you a fruitful engagement for this two coming days and it is my hope that at the end of these two days you will look back at NUL as a turning point and have positive memories about our university together with our country. We hope you find answers to the questions that have brought you here”, Prof Lephoto emphasised…


Mr. Tsepang Majara thanked everyone for coming and really appreciated the presence and attendance of the guests as well as the key note speakers. “NUL students, I know some of you are final year students and want to further your studies after graduating from the university, know that Mandela Rhodes foundation is here for you, with full force. Make sure you network and make contact”, Mr. Majara accentuated.