The National University of Lesotho though Faculty of Science and Technology is holding an International Event called NULISTICE, 2018 (National University of Lesotho International Science, Technology & Innovation Conference and Expo) along with another conference called Africa-EU Renewable Energy Research & Innovation Symposium. The event will be from January 23 – 26, 2018. The event will be held at Manthabiseng Convention Center, Maseru. Both local and international scientists, engineers, innovators, entrepreneurs and policy-makers will be putting and showcasing their innovations and products during the conference.

This event will comprise of the following activities:


1. NULISTICE (International Conference): This International Conference will be focusing primarily on academic research in the fields of Science, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. It will be a convergence of international scholars from many areas of Science and Technology with the theme, “Resource Mobilization and Entrepreneurship Action for Development of Africa.” The main thematic areas include Biotechnology, Environment and Natural Resources Management, Food and Water Safety, Climate Change Challenges and Mitigation Strategies, Agriculture and Food Security, Material Science and Nano-Technology, Entrepreneurship and Information and Communication Technology.


2. RERIS (International Symposium): This will be a joint effort of NUL [through Energy Research Centre(ERC) under FOST] and Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme academic research in the fields of Renewable and Sustainable Energy will be presented.


3. NULISTICE (Expo): To be held at the premises of Pioneer Mall, the 2018 Expo will be the continuation of the previous two (held in 2015 and 2016). This event is mainly targeting the local audience and it is meant to help the society appreciate an important role that can be played by academic research in daily life and to help attract funding and commercialization of academic projects.


Over the past two years, the event has generated amazing interest in the country. While most people appreciate and communicate with the NUL through the media outreach platforms, the Expo is unique in that it is provides a means through which members of the society get a tangible feel of the projects. The result has been an intensive networking and in some cases, emergence of new companies.


4. NULISTICE-RERIS (Gala Dinner): To be held at Maseru Avani, the last day of the conference will be marked by a Gala Dinner on Thursday the 25th of January, 2018,which will be attended by dignitaries from the Government of Lesotho, Directors and CEOs of companies, NUL and International Academics and Interested members of the public. A number of formal agreements and MoUs are expected to be signed, besides the formal launch of MSc Sustainable Energy programme and Energy Research Centre and NUL Innovation Fund. The event will also give the participants some time to unwind and reflect towards the end of the whole thing. Public members who are not participants at the conference are free to attend this Gala Dinner at a fee of M500


5. Students’ Competitions and Entrepreneurship Events: It is expected that there will be as many as three competitions and one entrepreneurship training event running at IEMS Campus of NUL from the 20th of January to the 25th of January.


6. The Daytrip: Lesotho. The Daytrip will be a one-day short trip around the country meant to give the international tourists a feel of this tiny Mountain Kingdom. Given the time of the year, it is hoped that the visitors will have an opportunity to enjoy the scenery of the country and the way of life of the Basotho people at a prime time. The trip is organized only for international visitors.