Vodacom just handed over ten brand new smartphones to the National University of Lesotho (NUL) as a gift package. But this was more than just a gift, it was a BIG gift!
Here is here why.


“We had a need,” said Mr Lerato Lerato, a Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. “Our students are developing cellphone apps and we wanted them to go beyond simulation to testing their products in real time. That is, they had to test their products on normal android phones owned by the NUL to make effective apps.”


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NUL had no such phones—that is, until Vodacom jumped in.


“Vodacom always has an interest in education and it is part of our mission to support smooth learning,” said Mr Sekonyela Matamane, a Senior Specialist Marketer at Vodacom. “We hope this is the beginning of our long-term relationship with the National University of Lesotho.”


In accepting the gifts, the acting Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology , Dr Mosotho George, said what Vodacom did was “no small thing.”


“Private sector normally says we don't produce graduates that meet its needs while it often forgets to say what those needs are. Now Vodacom is helping us to develop apps that will surely fill a need in the private sector,” he said.


He also praised Vodacom for its open hand towards the NUL, “You will recall that Vodacom has just handed over 10 computers to the University recently . On top of that, it is co-hosting Vodacom-NUL Hackathon with us every year and we are looking forward to the proposed Hackathon in January 2018."
"Vodacom’s efforts," Dr George concluded "are highly appreciated here.”